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9:41 PM - eXabyte: Not so fat am I?
9:41 PM - rocky: i saved it to my desktop
9:57 PM - eXabyte: Did you fucking send it
9:57 PM - eXabyte: Or link it in mumble
9:57 PM - rocky: SO WHAT IF I DID CUNT?
9:58 PM - eXabyte: I will fucking crush your puny skull
9:58 PM - eXabyte is now Away.

[D|Esquire II] modus : working is optional for intelligent ppl
[D|Esquire II] modus : lay brick 4 da man or get sick frags

11:53 PM - yewl: i cant handle the tempus autism anymore
11:54 PM - yewl: im gonna jump

11:01 PM - flyingbuddy lft im: I just wanna stop being a shit cunt tbh

Maximus Minimus has found: The Dead Ringer
Maximus Minimus has received a gift: Delivered Giftapult Package
Maximus Minimus : WOAH'
minto : HOLY FUCK
Maximus Minimus : A DEAD RINGER
minto : nice find!
Maximus Minimus has received a gift: Scrap Metal
Maximus Minimus : lol
minto : !

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Yes Mar 14 @ 2:24am 
big noob!!!!$$$
Lord of Casterly Rock Mar 8 @ 1:40am 
by the way, 5.5" is very good!! quite big in a lot of impovished, malnourished asian countries like china, northkorea and india!!
my strange addiction: mge Mar 7 @ 8:05pm 
we were having sex (Second Life) online and flirt for many hours,,time pass and we get taken down fucking and i pulle out my penis (5.5 inche) but then this girl (???) also take out cock
owain Mar 5 @ 12:05am 
-rep again because wont swap over to play overwatch the game with incredible mechanical depth what a fuckin shlub!!!!
owain Mar 5 @ 12:05am 
-rep he told me that being 3k was bad on reddit so i downvoted him but this man wont stop please help me twiotch chat
CooL MaX Feb 25 @ 4:53pm 
+rep finally got an excellent name.