plat soldier for swift inc.

lol u mad big noob?

hl exp

S12 iron The experiment
S16 steel Animal House!
S17 silver retirement plan
S18 silver keep your salt / mexican cat ranch
S19 gold roadkill!
S20 gold 9AM
S21 plat swift inc.

*DEAD* Megalomaniac : nacasius you're a plebe compared to spaghetti*
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10:04 PM - rt. noxd: this is fucking stupid
10:04 PM - rt. noxd: end your lives
10:04 PM - rt. noxd: like acutally fuck you
10:06 PM - rt. noxd: you guys shouldnt be in steel
10:06 PM - rt. noxd: and we're top 10 steel
10:06 PM - rt. noxd: and that was just fucked
10:06 PM - rt. noxd: like actually fuck you guys

UGC Experience

Highlander S12 Iron: The Experiment
Highlander S16 Steel: Animal House!
Highlander S17 Silver: Retirement Plan
Highlander S18 Silver: Keep Your Salt / Mexican Cat ranch
Highlander S19 Gold: Roadkill!
Highlander S20 Gold: 9AM


Demo: flouresca neon
Demo: Porky
Demo: Marrrlowe
Team: PPS

TLAN 2015

Mouse: Razer Deathadder 2014
Mouse Pad: Steelaseries Qck+
Monitor: BenQ RL2455
Headset: Logitech G230
Keyboard: CM Storm Quickfire TK mx red
Bad computer: Alienware X51
In Game Sense: 2.7 @ 400 dpi


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4,611 hrs on record
last played on Mar 29
462 hrs on record
last played on Mar 29
6.0 hrs on record
last played on Mar 16
DREAM_ Mar 11 @ 11:10am 
i send you an trade offer
ωιмρєяє [ϟ] Mar 1 @ 12:10pm 
sry i dont take csgo stuff
Z A L Feb 27 @ 2:04pm 
Lets trade
aeon Feb 25 @ 12:57pm 
Thanks for calling me a cutie after we fucked
Wyre Feb 24 @ 5:29pm 
rip lol, they're all gonna get vac'd
Wyre Feb 24 @ 4:34pm 
Yep that kid was walling