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Achievement hunter and dota player.
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I'm usually doing my own thing when it comes to achievement hunting, but in the mean time I am a 100pAG mod and an admin on the 100pAG discord [discord.me].

In general, I'm not looking for new +1s to my friends list. I'll accept nearly every friend request regardless since it's usually people asking questions. Please read the following frequently asked:

1) Can I join the 100% Achievement Group?

Yes, it's an open group available to everyone. Apparently it's a bug on steam where after you join, it says it's invite only, but I assure you that you're already in. If you're truly unsure, go to your profile and check the groups you're in.

2) Can I add you as a friend?

In general, no. For years I'd have people add me and then nothing. I got tired of having a giant friends list where no one communicates, so I prefer to keep my list small and composed of people I actually talk to.

3) Can I add you for achievement hunting?

Again, not really. If I'm working on a specific game, then I'll accept people for it, but after completing the game these people will fall into the same category as the last question. If you want to find people for coops, I suggest joining the 100pAG discord [discord.me].

4) I was kicked/banned from the group/discord/astats, can you unban me?

I rarely handle bans, but if you were banned from the group it was probably for spamming or you were discovered to have cheated. Discord is a bit more lenient, and so far we don't have any bans. Lastly, I'm not an astats mod, but you'll have to appeal in the astats forum [www.astats.nl].

5) Can you trade...


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