Simen   Sogn og Fjordane, Norway
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Hello there fellow memers, if you want to add me, you are free to do so (°͜ʖ°)
I do sideways bunnyhopping, and I try to get some great times to share and upload for a bit of "wow" experience, and you can see the list of all the uploaded runs here:

You can also find my sideways bhop list of maps that I have done and are yet to do here:

I trade trading cards, so if you want some trading cards, hit me up on a 1:1 trade, fam
Or send me the trading cards that you don't want. I love free trading cards
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тicklebicks May 21 @ 12:11pm 
ayy, cant wait sw god
4MATT3R Apr 1 @ 9:22am 
when badges sub10 kappa
тicklebicks Mar 27 @ 3:12pm 
waiting for that null run
$ _ $ Mar 3 @ 1:26pm 
♕[WT]Mr. Foxiechaan<3* Feb 6 @ 10:12am 
son revo kun desu, happy 9th birthday we've known eachoter for only a year, even though it feels like we've been friends since we were born, i hope you will run bhop null again someday and get that pro sub 2 SW only, however, enjoy your day sweety xx
skrea Jan 17 @ 12:27am 
did a friendlist wipe, brotha