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Yes, im toxic.
Yes, i troll.

when you buy a fine ass hooker and buy her a fancy dinner and go to the movies, at the end of the evening take her back to your hotel room and
notice that not only does she have a fucking penis but is also packing more heat than you.
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King Of Carrots Aug 13 @ 1:37pm 
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Dwayne The_Bot Johnson Aug 10 @ 2:25pm 
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Portyanka! Jul 29 @ 12:57am 
DAMN. I have NEVER seen big chunky cheesy meaty gouda girl like this. If she isnt big, creamy, and cheesy like this, I don't want her. Her sweaty fupa lumps marinading in her oils just turns me rock hard man. Thigh gaps? Ew. Jawline? What are you, gay? I need my big chunky easycheesy thicc gouda mozzarella mommy. Skinny?? Thinn?? Gross. Nasty. It's gotta be easy. It's gotta be cheesy. You're doing it wrong if you're not doing it thicc.
If the sour aroma of a nice juicy creamy cheesy mozarella mommy's fupa doesn't turn you on, you are fucked in the head my friend. How could you look at those delicious gooey creamy thighs and not pop a johnson? Those ooey gooey creamy chunky gouda cheesy mozzarella mommy thighs. FUCK. FUCK. I'm salivating.
If you dont like thicc, you're fucking low test. If you dont fuck a nice ooey gooey greazy easy cheesy chunky mozzarella mommy, you're fat short bald little beta cuck with no gains.
♛MÔĘ ♛#no_more_cs Jun 6 @ 8:06am 
ArtiiX3N Mar 7 @ 7:27am 
+rep sämsta någonsin men skönaste vännen
janne<3 Mar 3 @ 3:58pm 
Du lär ha svårt att hitta en kille med skönare röst än snubben här. +rep my man