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Seizetsu 23 ต.ค. @ 11:48am This is the link for it, it was version 3.8, the overlay still works for the most part but it needs some fixes, I'm glad I found it honestly haha.
Seizetsu 22 ต.ค. @ 7:30pm 
Turns out that was Metro's old overlay, back when it was styled to match Windows 8. And I actually found a version of it that still uses this overlay style, I could send you it if you want and you could probably fix it up and implement it in the unofficial patches, since I'd love to see this overlay come back.
Seizetsu 22 ต.ค. @ 10:25am 
Last thing I wanted to ask. I came across this and was wondering, has metros overlay ever looked like this at all? Since it looks really well organised.
Seizetsu 22 ต.ค. @ 8:25am 
Pressure seems to primarily have the same layout as original steam also, I guess I could try having a look at Pixelvision to see if I can fix it, or just put up with it, seems a bit stupid though since it's a rather annoying little bug.
Seizetsu 22 ต.ค. @ 7:42am 
Well I did edit the bars on Pressure to remove the bottom bar margin. If I link you the res or the skin could you take a quick look at it when you have the time? I'd greatly appreciate it.
Seizetsu 22 ต.ค. @ 7:17am 
I've noticed it seems to happen on certain skins specifically. Since I used to use Air for Steam and never once had that issue, which is what made me believe it's related to the skin, I don't think it happens on Pressure 2 either, which is the skin I'm currently using, just Original Pressure instead.