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Early Access Review
Since patch 2.56 the game performance improved a lot.It's fun to play if you like challenging burst combo like games. Beware that the newest champions are not balanced. Also until gold or late silver expect a lot of insults and rage players, in case you play ranked.

Overall the game is enjoyable but don't play it too much cuz you might surely get angry.

PS: Playing ranked in 1vs 1 has less lag that in the other modes.
Posted August 12, 2016. Last edited May 21.
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This game is a must have if you like playing storytelling games or story-packed action games. The workshop is the most important part of the game. Every 2-3 weeks new scenarios gets released and they are not simple and flat scenarios like the main game ones.

+community workshop
+complex scenario creator (starting from creating events to triggers which can occur in almost any circumstances)
+multiplayer gameplay

-A bit buggy sometimes but it gets better with every update
-the game works with intel videocards but it's a bit sluggish
-multiplayer not playable under 3 gb of ram (tested on 32 bit only)
-random fps break on low end pcs ( happens only on some workshop scenarios, i believe is due to the abundace of trigger and events, I kinda regret i can't play those ones.

That being said i do recomend this game. It has potential and even if it's out from early acces it still gets big updates.
Posted June 15, 2016.
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I like this game so much and i will gladly replay the series "when" half life 3 will be released.

+great atmosphere
+solid gameplay
+astonishing effects/particles
+deep storyline(for those who played the whole series including the half life 1 ones)
+complex and easy to learn level editor
+Fakefactory Cinematic Mod (without alyx/barney/kleiner/magnusson models)

-weird lightings/shaders on lowest settings
-a few bad physics sometimes ( this can be mostly noticed in half life 2 game)
-Fakefactory Cinematic Mod's Alyx model XD
-still waiting for Half Life 3

Pros related to Source Engine
+able to run games on PCs from 1998
+Source Film Maker

Cons related to Source Engine
-Half Life 3……………...…..

Posted April 23, 2016.
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Posted December 1, 2014.
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Very cool fun game. Bad that it doesn't hav an complex developer console like the valve games to make it work on pc from 1998.
Posted August 27, 2014.
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Love this game.Thanks to the new vpk system it runs much smoothly. Maps are very easy to made.Bad things are that only episode 2 had all features like dynamic shadows. If you think that shadows cant be set to high you're wrong.

How i hav set the shadows on high
1.Mess with the config. My pc sucks so i searched a lot of configs, finally found one that make the game much playable with medium and high settings.
2.Messing with the mat_dxlevel 98, 95, 90 settings.This should work.
3.Finally this worked for me.I had some problems with water shaders and reflections after getting them to work the high shadows are visible but only for models not for props (tested only with half life 2 on GMA X3100-Maybe it will work for you)

The game worked fine with some little stutterings(hl2 i mean). I was♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥of because i wish to play on high settings and it gone worse.I had a hardware failure but for now the game will work if you don't hav any integrated video card
Posted July 8, 2014.
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