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This game was one of the first FPS action RPGs, a genre shared by classics such as Deus Ex and Vampire Bloodlines. Released in 1996, Strife pushed the limits by offering a FPS that didn't involve shooting everything sight. In fact, it was well possible to screw up your game having to start all over by doing something you weren't supposed to.

The Veteran Edition does its best to bring Strife into the 21st century, luckily. As revolutionary as the game was in 1996, it still had quite a few flaws including only having a single save game. In a game where it's possible to make a wrong move and only finding out half an hour later, this was painful so due to the Veteran Edition having several save games, it starts off by eliminating the biggest flaw of the original.

Another annoyance from the first game, was its vague mission parameters combined with maze-like locations (like the sewers). While you have a detailed map, you could still get lost for ages. The Veteran Edition helps you out by marking quest locations - another welcome improvement.

Besides these gameplay tweaks, you have the standard graphic and control improvements including fluent mouse look, bloom, higher resolution graphics, proper shading, etc.

While Strife won't blow your socks off if you compare it to modern games, it's still a rare gem. Back in the day, it wasn't even that well known and has become a cult classic but it's really worth a look for any games enthusiast.
Posted December 14, 2014.
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Fun but short. Fun but a little simplistic. Fun but a bit too limited. The key word here is "fun". There's a lot of criticisms you can hurl at this game, after all. 12 hours to complete the game from start to finish with quite a lot of reloading and a few pauzes included isn't all that much for an RPG. The world is location-based and the story is extremely linear with no choice of where to go. Interaction with the world is very low and even loot is unheard of. In short: people expecting a Baldur's Gate experience were extremely disapointed with this game and I can see why.

BUT, despite all the short comings, the core gameplay is very solid. Combat feels right, the skill system feels almost perfect, the characters are fun, the story entertaining and the backdrops are beautifully drawn and crisp. What is in the game, is done really well - the game's main weakness is you constantly wishing it was more ... more interactive, more side quests, more freedom, etc.
Posted June 28.
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When Double Fine went to Kickstarter, it constantly reminded us of the past great adventure games like Grim Fandango and Day of The Tentacle to get people (including me) to contribute. So why is the "final" product NOTHING like these games? The graphical style alone has divided people but the rest of the game feels nothing like the old Lucas Arts adventures - the comedy is lacking, the puzzle quality is lacking, the colourful characters are lacking, the wacky art style is lacking ... it's just ... dull. And to realize how much money they blew on making this game when other Kickstarter games like Tesla Effect did much MUCH more with far less money, it makes you wonder what on earth happened.

The free adventure game "Host Master" was a far better game than this and it didn't cost 3 million dollars to make. Not only is Broken Age proof that quality games are not made by a single "big" name but rather by talented teams, it's also proof that lots of funds can still leave you with only half a game with an indie feel and look that realistically barely even covers 10% of the amount they raised.

Basically: big thumbs down.
Posted December 19, 2014.
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Early Access Review
Despite being Early Access, Tabletop Simulator already has so much potential. Play classic board games or make up your own? No problem! The interface, despite being relatively straightforward, has been well thought through allowing you to easily and quickly play even the most complex board games. With the hell of an expansive Workshop, you can quickly collect dozens of great games to play with friends or join existing servers from other players.

Not happy with a particular game? Think you can improve it? Well, you can! Any game you get, you can tweak to your own liking. You can even merge elements from different game so perhaps one game has cool tokens you'd like to use in another - and you can!

Bottomline: if you like boardgames or cardgames and have online friends to play with, this is a no brainer - BUY IT!
Posted May 6.
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I played this game upon release. It was decent but lacking in many areas. It was imbalanced as hell - for example: skills that are easy to increase but are useless for combat would make you level much too quickly and, combined with leveling enemies, would make the game much much harder as a result. I quit playing SKyrim after a day and told myself I'd come back after mods had fixed these issues.

And I did. All in all, I needed some 20 mods to make the games overcome the flaws present in this game and a further 30 mods to further improve it. Because of this, I find that the positive rating Skyrim received in the past, should be largely shared with the modding community. But now, Valve and Bethesda have seen fit to tear the modding community apart. Steamworks is bad enough as it is - it's completely useless compared to Nexus not to mention not allowing any nudity - but to make you pay for mods? Disgusting! Many of the best mods are screw ups from Bethesda so instead of US paying, it should be Bethesda hiring these people!
Posted April 26.
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Early Access Review
This game got me severely hooked for 80+ hours so far. The rush to create a zombie-proof home, the adrenaline when a horde is after you, scrounging for supplies, sneaking through a zombie-infested city or town ... there's plenty of great moments that will keep you going.

Building your own home really is the core of this game, however. If you don't like building, you'll find that the fun is rather limited since looting is pretty much the main reason to explore and you mainly loot ... to build and expand your home. Food and weapons are relatively easy to get once you know the crafting tree (hint: grow vegetables and make stews or pies). If you DO love building, this game will give you a nice mix of creativity and strategy as you'll want to build something that can survive a horde.

It also helps to play on a multiplayer server (although I'd suggest to start with PvE ones) since singleplayer is quite a bit tougher and playing with a friend really makes it a lot more fun!

Once they iron out most of the bugs and introduce more content, this game will really become a true gem and classics. Right now it's a rough diamond which has a limited shelf life due to lack of content to keep you playing but you'll still get dozens of hours of fun out of it!
Posted May 22.
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