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Wolfenstein - one of the oldest FPS games - has had an odd series of games. First you had Wolf 3D, then the mostly forgotten Spear of Distiny (a rather cheap sequel if you ask me). From then on out, it gets a little odd. Return to Castle Wolfenstein which, despite what its name implies, was a reboot and not a sequel. Great game for the time. Then there was "Wolfenstein" (got to love those original names). New Order is a direct sequel to this game, despite it being so obscure that it's expensive to buy second hand and can't be gotten digitally. Talk about a confusing story line ... .

While I found Wolfenstein an interesting but flawed game, New Order is a blast from start to finish. The game's plot is interesting, well written characters, amazing set pieces (got to love seeing those massive Nazi buildings) and so many small details that make the game come to life. Combat is excellent as well - there's only a handful of weapons but combined they offer pretty much everything needed in any situation. Sure, the game is linear, but in a good way. It offers enough freedom to make it fun to explore and to add a tactical edge to most combat situations. Also, the difficulty curve is pretty much spot on - it doesn't hold your hand too much and combat can be challenging since the game isn't afraid of throwing a dozen enemies at you at once and their bullets DO hurt.

Negatives? Hmm ...well a little less locked doors and a little more to explore would have been fun. There's also a few moments where you'll almost certainly die because the game throws a lethal situation your way which requires almost instant reaction. Usually replaying it means you know what's coming meaning you can react. It's theatrical, sure, but I'm not a big fan of those kind of sequences - better to make them full cut scenes instead of causing cheap deaths.
Also, the aiming reticle is pretty crap - it's huge and can't be changed. For those like me that like to go for head shots, it's annoying.

Still, this is easily the best Wolfenstein game to date and considering the series hasn't had a single dud so far, that's saying something.
Posted August 26.
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Early Access Review
This game has the skeleton of a great game. You can collect a handful of resources, make a few dozen items, build a base and kill a dozen creatures. Basically, barebone stuff for what COULD be a great game. As such, it's hard to recommend - it's too expensive for what it offers right now. On the plus side: the game looks pretty good (performance is poor, though). At €15 it's worth a gamble to see what they add in the future but right now, it very much feels like an early beta with so little content it actually feels like the core of what makes it a game is lacking.

Unless you like boobies and jingling man bits, of course, because those are already in the game.

Posted April 18.
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This game is a bit of a mixed bag for me. The story is good and the graphics are great so it should make for a great adventure game, shouldn't it? Well ... the game has quite a lot of small annoyances. For a start, the game feels very static - as beautiful as the backdrops are, it all feels rather disconnected as if you're walking through a painting.

The music is great and in the same style of that of previous Jane Jensen games (Gabriel Knight anyone?) but despite this, this is the first Jensen adventure game where I didn't really feel part of the world. Perhaps the mix of 3D and drawn backdrops is the reason.

But, the biggest problem this game has, are the controls. I wondered why they're so clunky compared to the MUCH better controls used in the Gabriel Knight games so I checked to see if it had gotten a console release and guess what? It did. Once again the console version caused the controls of a PC version to go down the drain ... . The inventory is a fiddly mess - move a little bit too much downwards and it will close and clicking & dragging doesn't exist anymore.

On the plus side, the magic tricks do add a unique layer to the game. On the negative side ... they're needlessly fiddly as well. Most of the times you know exactly what needs to be the done but the game makes you go through all the little steps anyway.

All in all, this is a solid adventure game with a poor UI and some other smaller flaws. Recommended but with reservations.
Posted July 6, 2016.
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Heavily inspired by Hotline Miami (not to say a total rip off), this game is filled with 80's neon elements despite being set in the present (logic eh?). You basically do missions involving shooting people from a top-down view. The combat is nice simple arcade fun with little depth so for a few dollars or euros this game might be worth playing for an hour or two but don't expect a polished experience. Doors are pretty buggy, the graphics are pretty poor, the game reverts back to what I assume is Russian even if you select English, the controls can't be changed, the English translation is horrific and ... well, let's say it's a pretty rough experience. This would be a nice game to give to a 10 year old though ... if it wasn't a 18+ game due to its violence.
Posted July 5, 2016.
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Beneath A Steel Sky (by the same developers) was the first point & click adventure game I played and a few years later, Broken Sword completely blew me away. The music, the atmosphere, the story, the characters, the many exotic locations - it all came together to form a near perfect experience. Since Broken Sword III, however, Revolution kind of lost their way - 3D action adventure games that were painful to control with mediocre stories and uninspired locations.

Broken Sword 5, however, was their chance to go back to what made the original so great: hand drawn 2D backgrounds, classic mouse interface, exploring Paris, etc. I was one of the first to back the game on Kickstarter because this was exactly what I had been wanting for 15 years! The question of course remains ... did they succeed? And the answer has to be ... yes and no.

As an adventure game it's great - the puzzles are interesting but never too hard (perhaps slightly too easy for a seasoned gamer though) and the story is definitely engaging. The backgrounds are beautifully painted as well and I really enjoyed exploring and revealing parts of the puzzle. The game has some solid new characters to encounter as well and many old characters make an appearance - even minor ones.

However, there are some (minor) negatives:
- some of the original voice actors are missing which is a shame. Moue and Mrs Piermont both had very recognisable voices but have sadly been replaced. I don't know the reasons why but the new voice actors aren't quite as good (or as memorable anyway).
- the music feels a little too generic to my tastes. The original had a masterful approach with the right music playing at the right time creating this amazing atmosphere. In BS5, the music is still similar in style but lacks the soul and doesn't come in at the right time either. They could have tuned this way better
- the 3D characters are no match for the well drawn 2D sprites of old. I know it's a LOT cheaper this way but the animation could have been a great deal better at least. Half the time, the animations look stilted while BS1, a 20 year old game (!!) had animations that still look fresh and fluent today.
- the locations aren't quite as interesting as those in the original Broken Sword game (which sent you all over the world).

These negatives aren't that important though - this is coming from a die-hard Broken Sword fan so it might not even bother you at all. All in all, this is a very solid game which is head and shoulders above BS3 & BS4. I'd say it's on par with BS2 (which was a little rushed and had a much smaller budget) which is not a bad thing because BS2 was still an amazing game.
Posted May 22, 2016.
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I loved the original and hoped this would be a nice modern retake of it. It's not.
- the graphics manage to be worse than the 25 year old game: the charm is gone and the detail is lackluster and boring
- the animation is laughable - it looks like you're ice-skating instead of walking
- the game doesn't support windowed mode and if you have multiple monitors like me, it doesn't automatically pick the main monitor - it picked the left one for me
- the options are extremely basic with no way to set resolution
- it's actually harder than the original because the character moves worse

Basically, just get DOSBOX and play the original.
Posted May 4, 2016.
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What is Tomb Raider about? The name would imply raiding tombs and that's what you did in all the previous TR games. Besides that, you solved puzzles, explored tombs using your acrobatic skills and occasionally there would be some combat. This reboot kicked all of that out of the window and injected a massive dose of "Uncharted" into its vains. The tombs take a serious step back and are much smaller to the point where they become meaningless. In its place, there's a LOT of combat. There's also a ton of scripted events including the dreaded QTE's.

On top of that, the camera is nauseating by being very close up without any option to alter it (some suffer from this more than others so it may not bother you) and the camera shake only agrevates the problem. I can't play this game for more than an hour at a time because of this.

On the positive side, everything is beautifully animated and voiced, the story is an interesting one and the setting is beautiful but this type of modern approach is just not for me. Why are modern games all so linear, scripted to hell and back, filled with cheap QTE's with lots of hand-holding? This reboot took away the freedom of exploration, the ingenious puzzles, the massive and inspiring tombs - all of which could have still been added despite of the new scripted approach. As such, I can't recommend it to those who enjoyed the old games for these very things.
Posted February 13, 2016.
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I love me some detective adventure games where you got to gather clues and interrogate people. Games such as Discworld Noir and Under A Killing Moon do it really well and it's kinda sad that so few games in the genre exist. The Silver Earring is another of these games which does not rely upon "use item X with item Y" puzzles but rather on cross-examination, investigation and tying elements together.

It doesn't do it as well as the above-mentioned examples, however. In most areas the games is quite adequate but never more than that, and in some areas the game is rather poor. Here's a list of PRO's and CON's:

- The game keeps track of everything you collect & where you collected it in list-form. Same with dialogs and letters and other evidence. Very tidy and handy
- the Quiz between chapters is pretty well done and forces you to think for yourself
- the backdrops are pretty well designed
- the game has a nice attention to detail in true Sherlock Holmes fashion
- the murder mystery is actually quite engaging

- the dialog is very hit & miss - some parts are simply poorly written while others are quite convincing. The voice actors are mostly average at best
- the characters you meet are not that interesting or simply break immersion by being unbelievable (the drunks outside for example)
- the interface is a bit of a chore to say the least.
- sometimes the game will let you "use" an object through dialog and sometimes you got to drag it onto a person - the game is very inconcistent like that. Since you pick up loads of items, this can be very tedious if you get stuck
- the game heavily relies on linearity - you need to find every single clue before it will continue which can be infuriating. A walkthrough is a must if you want to enjoy the game!
- the music is not very appropriate a lot of the time and harms the immersion.
- the Quiz requires every single answer to be correct and in two instances, I found that the question was confusing so I had to cheat.
- Holmes is even more of a jerk than the books make him out to be - he's plainly rude half the time.

Do I recommend this game? Just about but barely and only with a walkthrough. If you love murder mysteries, this is still a nice game if you can forgive its flaws ... .
Posted October 12, 2015.
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I originally bought this years ago in a Sherlock Holmes collection box (around 2009 I believe) and because it was the first (as in oldest) game in the collection I wanted to give it a go before I replayed The Silver Earring which was I had played before.

Imagine my surprise to discover this game to be absolutely drivel compared to the Silver Earring. Being two years older, I expected a few extra ough edges but I did not expect to find a Myst-style game with equally crappy puzzles, graphics that are way worse than what Myst achieved 9years before and a pretty terrible interface to boot.

Honestly, I never played it for more than an hour back then either and that's more than enough to make you realize how horrible this game is. This game could have worked a great deal better if they had made a 3D-style free world the way Under A Killing Moon did but considering how poor the presentation, how poor the interface, how poor everything ... you really won't be enticed to invest the time needed to actually play this game.
Posted October 11, 2015.
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I pre-ordered this game at the time after a string of glowing reviews and actually never completed it. Why you ask? Surely this game's aesthetics are top notch? They aged rather well, too, and the sound and music are spot on. The setting is ingenious as well and yet ... yet I feel as if they wasted it on this game. This could have been a universe to rival Fallout yet it's always been the little brother hoping for the same kind of attention. Here's why:

- the story is told through brief communcations and logs. This is interesting but makes it rather a one-way street. You don't feel as connected to the world the way a proper RPG would make you feel.

- while the game has plenty of combat-centered elements (a handful of guns and a series plasmids/magic spells) combat doesn't feel that responsive. The mouse look is spongy and inaccurate, none of the guns are very satisfying to use and it all lacks oomph.

- speaking of combat, the game has too much of it. Enemies respawn constantly and while it increases suspense, the AI isn't all that great and combat isn't interesting enough to make it more than a chore. In Bioshock Infinity, the combat is far sharper and interesting

- the game is pretty linear despite some areas acting as hubs and it doesn't *quite* work. It's not bad but could have been done better - you never feel as if you're really exploring rather than going down one main paths with a few dead ends with a secret here and there.

- I don't like typical scripted events designed to scare you - it's why I don't rate Half Life 2 as highly as many others too - and this game is full of them. Pick up item X, and a bunch of enemies spawn to take you out. It's cheap scare tactics that were pioneered by Doom 22 years ago and by now, it just feels dated and harms immersion when it becomes a thing to expect.

- It's a very dumbed down RPG: no inventory, slots needed for plasmids, no experience, no levels, no true improvement of skills, etc. You got tonics, sure, but that's a very childish form of it.

- the game could seriously have used some proper characters to talk to as well, just to make the world seem more realistic.

In the end, it's a decent game but with quite a few flaws. It's a rather shallow RPG with mediocre combat, an AMAZING setting and a decent story but all of that combined does not equal an outstanding game sadly enough. It's a great EXPERIENCE but if you want to experience it but can't stand the combat and respawning, there's cheats available luckily.
Posted October 8, 2015.
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