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You won't will get lots of information out of this description.

I'm a highly FPS oriented player, with a touch of RPGs and of course, the usual survival games. Within the past year, I was moving into the competitive scene of Insurgency, part of AkH, which abruptly ended. Prior to that, I reached SMFC in CS:GO, though quit a while back due to boredom and community reasons.

Counter Strike has been my main game in the past, it was the main game that got me into first person shooters, both 1.6 and Source. Present day, I've been into multiplayer games such as Rust (Only recently created a personal server), Grand Theft Auto V, and a tinge of Battlegrounds and Escape from Tarkov on the side.

I'm willing to play just about anything pertaining relevance to what is on my list of games. Counter Strike is cut off though, unless you are playing for fun or without any care.

Who I am as a person is for you to decide.

I seem to be able to hold a conversation, provided I am given the right occasion to start one, or a solid baseline of topic.

-Favourite Games-

Counter-Strike series, Insurgency, Arma series, STALKER Series, Hotline Miami, Metro Series, Rainbow Six Series & the Fallout series.

-Specs and Peripherals- [pastebin.com] as of July 10th
My Obscure Discord [discord.gg]

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superstrasserbros Sep 30 @ 7:02am 
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