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*Classy Spongebob Voice* Hi, how are ya?
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reAch for the stars

How i got the name "reAch"- I googled synonyms of my real first name (Kyle) and got the word "reach" apparently the meaning to this is "a continuous extent of land or water". And the capital A is what a friend suggested because the A in a way looks like a ladder. Oh yeah well also because it's unique, of course.
Mostly everything else about me can be found in my info box down below :)

TRADE LINK: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/partner=344483530&token=wPBYQqoG

If I could ask 1 thing to all of my friends it would be to please donate any CSGO skins that they don't need. Whether it is $0.01 or $1k it doesn't matter, anything helps :)
Thanks a lot!

Yeah I keep it REAL.
R egret
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Razer Deathadder 2013
Razer Blackwidow Chroma
Logitech G430 Headset
Dual HP 23" Monitors

I'm really looking forward to getting every game on my steam store wishlist, but CS:GO skins come first ;p
Flip Knife | Ultraviolet
AWP | Assimov
AK-47 | Fuel Injector
M4A4 | Buzz Kill
USP-S | Kill Confirmed
Glock-18 | Weasel
Five-SeveN | Case Hardened

Steam Trade Link: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=344483530&token=wPBYQqoG
PayPal Email: ytreachb@gmail.com

I would love a comment on my profile about why you friended me, or any compliment/constructive critisism.
Right now I am Master Guardian 1, with 250 - 300 wins.
My in-game resolution is 1280x1024 Stretched
Sensitivity: 1.0
DPI: 1000
Viewmodel: MY VIEWMODEL [www.heypasteit.com]
Crosshair: MY CROSSHAIR [www.heypasteit.com]
My discord is reAch#9891
JOIN MY DISCORD SERVER!!! I accept anyone! https://discord.gg/n5HmpSe

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Have An Awesome Weekend! :)
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redleg Apr 6 @ 9:41pm 
You registered the same phone number with two accounts?
✪ reAch Apr 4 @ 6:12pm 
i was actually just about to buy a knife in the next couple of days, so i guess i'm glad i got banned when i did
✪ reAch Apr 4 @ 6:10pm 
a friend gave me his "smurf" and cheated on it without telling me, so i put my phone number on the account so i could trade with it, and since this account has the same registered phone number, apparently it got vaced. makes no sense to me, but thats what i get for taking an account from someone i dont trust too well