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Owner of 54 Collector's Cosmetics and counting.

I'd only send you a friend request if it's for business purposes (current SFM project) or trading purposes (Buying Backpacks / Collector's Items).

HarryG: "what the hell is a raven home zombie is it an undead crow or something"
HarryG, Resident Plutomaniac: ravens like, the jolly red giant, you have to give him tetanus to actually upset him
HarryG Is Ready For Summer Sale: its absolutely horrible
HarryG Is Ready For Summer Sale: they should change your ban reason to that
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It is an inevitable truth that no matter how many Steam levels you have, no matter how much money has been invested into your account, no matter how long your account has been around, no matter how many trust and paypal rep threads you have, some people will scream scammer and deliberately be misinformed. That said, to tell it's the real me:

My steam profile number has and will always be '76561197976440654'
My steam profile name has and will always be Ravenholmzombies. In 12 years, this has not changed.
I'm banned on backpack.tf for price manipulation. That's a good way to know it's the real me.
Current inventory is priced above $12,000.
Current profile level is 400 or higher.
Will always have the one and only Collector's Killer Exclusive in my Inventory.
Own the most Collector's Cosmetics: http://www.tf2tools.net/collectors/qualities/collectorcosmetics

BlindDevilNeko is the most beautiful soul I've ever had the blessing to know. She's an angel.

Trading / personal things to note:
I don't accept adds of people who don't comment with a reason why they're adding me.
I don't accept adds of obvious Level Collectors. I'm not interested in being your trophy.
I do accept adds which don't fall into the above catagories, but I generally try to keep my friends list slim. Do understand that this is not personal, just business practice.

I sell everything for the right price. The right price is not backpack.tf price. I know the right price and you're welcome to find the items you seek elsewhere if the right price is too steep.

Capitalism is a soulless enterprise without a scrap of humanity and if anyone tells you otherwise, they're probably trying to rip you off.

Memes and emoticons are signifiers of the nihilistic conclusion that the post-modernism inevitably heralds. Using big words impresses people sometimes, but the reality is that you can say the same thing in less sophisticated and fewer words. I just prefer not to be straightforward.
While our existence is ultimately pointless, we can strive to make it meaningful.
Social issues are of great concern to me. I'm directing an animated film which deals with them in a no-nonsense way. The greatest art challenges preconcieved ideas about how the world works and what we morally stand for. A challenge to ones own belief structure is a life affirming testament to the complexity of life, and how there is ultimately no objective truth. Playing with peoples perception of right and wrong is essential to pose the question of societal function and interrogate how and why social structures are designed and maintained.

Being morally agnostic also lends a more neutral perspective to political ideals. I will stipulate that I believe that political environments which stifle artistic creativity often lends to some of the best artistic responses and these are among the most profound of artistic endeavours in existence today. Preservation of art is merely delaying the inevitable, but a continued audience is essential to integrate the art into the cultural consciousness. Cultural capital should not be merely Shakespeare in the literary field. It should run the gauntlet from the origins of language to the canon and the subversive ends in postmodernism. Understanding how our cultural shift has led to a morally void percipice where almost nothing is off limits and everything is permitted is essential as an examination of the moral decline inherent in our cultural and social landscape. At what point do we turn into post-post modernism? Is there lower moral grounds to plumb, or more transcendant revelations to come?

The key to answering comes first with discussion, but ultimately ends with action. The future of art is uncertain, but by recognising the past and how it has led to this present crisis of moral decline and oversaturation, we can work towards creating a new wave that transcends the postmodernist decline of art as a life affirming pursuit.

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Outside of a select niche of traders, Collector's quality in TF2 is somewhat of an enigma. Some of us may have been killed by a bomb lobbing scottish drunk with a golf club that for some reason is emblazoned with a dark red text. In the same spirit as rare
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Team Fortress 2 is a very hard game for me to look at objectively, as my hours kind of attest to. In the 3000+ hours I've spent with this game running, I've come to know a handful of internationally based friends who I respect and value dearly, made $20,000 at the very least in the trading scene and made a name in (and run afoul) of multiple in-game communities. It's a game that's consistently evolved, from the gameplay centric days of old before hats worth more then a year in College were a common thing, to the particle and taunt based, mish-mash of an experiment that it is now.

I was once a free-to-player. I played it for a good 9 months before deciding to finally try being a premium. That's how it got me. I first bought a unique 'Huntsman' from the in-game store. Then I found a Phlogistinator in a timed drop and going off what the in-game store was selling them for at the time, I tried selling it for $20 on TF2Outpost. Those were simpler times. From there I ended up investing $1000 (real world dollars) into virtual items, and ended up making a veritable goldmine out of the investment, in more ways then one. I could dedicate a long spiel to discussing how the trading community is a meta-game in itself, one where real tangible thousands of dollars can change hands in seconds in the form of a virtual hat or a golden pan, but I really just wanted to make this review to reflect my own experiences with the game. This is a very fun, very addictive game.

It is held aloft after close to ten years since release by a very receptive community who care about the game and keep it going strong. At any given time, there's anywhere from 50,000-70,000 players online, so there's nothing to stop you jumping right into the thick of things with communities with depth and breadth beyond that of any other game I've played. You will be able to find a niche that fits, a casual or modified gamemode that appeals and you will have a hard time leaving. You'll make friends, you'll make enemies (especially if you try to get into trading seriously) and you won't forget the time you spend in this game.

In light of recent divisive updates, there's a lot that can be respected by how the community bands together to tell Valve what they want and actually see a response. It's a testament to the strength of the community and their combined interest in seeing the game live for many years to come. For many people, such as myself, I'm sure they see a lot of experiences in this game have led them to friendships and communities in the real world, and I'll always be thankful for the time I've had in this game in allowing me to have experiences I would not have been able to otherwise.

For the experience, and for knowing that it will continue to be a game that will stand the test of time, I give Team Fortress 2 a very warm recommendation. Just know when to put it down, remember, 3000 hours is close to 5 months playing 24/7.
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