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Fatty main since: 1997

About me:

As a Person: Artist, Psychologist, Mad Scientist and Fluffy Man

PC: GTX 970, i5-6660k etc.

Mouse: Logitech G502

Keyboard: Logitech G710

The beginning of Random Shit!

parin :3: you're my boody
Patrick The Spartan: you're my booty
Patrick The Spartan: because I want to go to the taco bell and eat the most horriffying thing there is and then just enjoy you burn when I go and take shit because no booty has survived from such!

[FR]Kozak: and on that day
[FR]Kozak: Kozak became a man
[FR]Kozak: and earned patrick's sandwich
[FR]Kozak: then patrick beat him to death
[FR]Kozak: anbd kozak died.
[FR]Kozak: de_end

denblaakat: In the original 300... he didn't kick him into a deep hole... he kicked him into a sauna

21:22:23 LuXmas :^).: ayyy heavy main :^)
21:22:38 TF2Center: LuXmas :^). was kicked by Stabbies #lft
21:22:50 LuXmas :^).: oh nose :^(

Leafy: Do you know golden rule?
Raipe: don't eat poop if it has been on the floor for longer than 5 seconds?
Leafy: no
Leafy: It's not gay if it's in a 3way
Raipe: :c

Raipe: can I cum? :3
Glorious $team Royalty (Pain): yea, but only in my face ;)

Night: Mihin näitä palleja muka tarvitaan?

Sir.Grey: Also, remember - that scout that's walking slightly slowly is probably just taking his time because he's so confident and the best thing to do is show a good amount of camraderie by turning your back to him to show how much you trust him. I promise he totally won't stab you in the back and turn out to be me :P
Raipe LF Heavy Sub!: That is the best thing I've heard in a long time :D

Blinkey: suomenkielessä on sana 'kukkapenkki' ja sitten kukat 'istututetaan' niihin, eli ne kukat istuu siellä penkissä, ne laitetaan sinne istumaan
Blinkey: mind = blown

Buffalo: helo, do you need me as sniper today?
Buffalo: Ohhh, so its cancled and im the last preson to know. Who di you think i am, some cheap prostetue you pick up of the street. NO, i am a highly respected member of the team fortress 2 comunity, and i would like to be adressed as a e-sports champion

|FV| Lin |Ѧℭ|: i think i am gonna play some pub
|FV| Lin |Ѧℭ|: only place where i am skilled

Blizzy: you're the fattest fatman i've ever met :D

Dely-Boyyy <3: pls don't "Raipe" me

Lycan. -thehorse2015-: Patrick, please tell me why your language allows for "Mr. Kokko, kokoo koko kokko kokoon"...
Lycan. -thehorse2015-: :D

Raipe: fuut
Raipe: futfutfdut
Foot: hihih
Foot: give me the good news
Raipe: I'm pregnant
Foot: omg
Foot: congrats
Foot: is it a boy or girl
Raipe: both
Foot: nice

Potter The Spartan: lol
Raipe: omg
Potter The Spartan: Im potter the spartan now
Raipe: send help

( ° ʖ °) scrambled: "Raipe says he's masturbating"
( ° ʖ °) scrambled: "So is he coming then?"

Piggy: ei sil ole mitää tekosyytä jos sä meet tunkee penistäs sun eksään tai toisinpäi :)))

LiFi: 10min into chivalry and chill and he gives you this look: https://afureko.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/touko-6.jpg

PapaS: +8======D------(-o- ) <--- raipe

Raipe: fine, I will wank
shadyr: i am going to aswell
Raipe: have fun
shadyr: u2

ya boi redwood: 20:39 - ya boi redwood: I talked to raipe its might not gonna be final that he left
20:39 - shadyr: good
20:39 - shadyr: he was great
ya boi redwood: :)
Raipe: :,l

6 /S/: wtf why am I infamous
6 /S/: you're the hitler of this game

Leif Saunasolmu: http://66.media.tumblr.com/5abf37edd8b4d35d2195bacad01b5c89/tumblr_inline_o1rnbgUnb81qdk9qw_500.png

Pendulum: Haha dis gonna be easy win xD

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This the internet lad, no one is able to penetrate you without consent through the screen. Allthough I would presume you to offer your consent immediately. xd