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I usually accept random adds, especially if we have a friend, group, or hobby in common! I'm a horrible, horrible chu with too much free time and too little common sense :3

SURPRISINGLY NECESSARY ADDENDUM: Please do not add me if you suffer from depression, BPD, shizophrenia, MPD, or any other disorders and are not receiving treatment. Or are if you act like a child. Or if you are going to add me and shove your genitals in my face. I have had a recent and large influx of very annoying and codependent teens, plagued with various problems, add me these last few weeks. I have been forced to call 911 for suicide attempts. I have been forced to push unimaginably sexual, needy people away from me. If I notice dramatic and/or angsty behavior and I don't know you well yet,I will remove you. Thank you.

I don't play multiplayer games, usually... My hobbies include daydreaming, Sonic High School, internet, The Magic Bullet, Sonichu, The Snuggie, My Immortal, the "Potato" button on my microwave, old arcade/console games, "Being creative" in Blender/various art programs, programming, and asking obvious/annoying/lewd questions to my closer friends just to pass the time.

Just a heads up: Please don't add me purely for erotic role play! like playful chatting and teasing but I'm getting just a teeeensy bit tired of new people trying to get acquainted with my genitals before they get acquainted with me.

To play list:
* Crash Bandicoot 2 - I want to 100% this. I only got the bad ending as a kid
* Gex: Enter the Gecko - I want to at least beat this. I never finished it as a kid (also, as a side note, this game is terrible. The rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia do little to remedy that.)
* Metal Gear Solid - Never played it!
* Final Fantasy 8 - Never played any FF games!

"Fucking Hell, Brock, you are not a Gent, you are a Faggot. You can't just use a Dragon Claw Arena Trap Articuno!" -Minus, on having his ass kicked by Gent Brock in a randomized FireRed nuzlocke.

1:11 PM - Dewott: I'm stroking a little cute pink Dratini~
1:11 PM - rainChu: o///o
1:11 PM - rainChu: Really? o///o
1:11 PM - Dewott: Hes my friend's son ;3
1:11 PM - rainChu: >/////<
1:12 PM - rainChu: Cute >////<
1:12 PM - Dewott: Heheh~ I even drew him ;3
1:12 PM - Dewott: http://sirnorm.deviantart.com/art/Shiny-Dratini-354861785?q=gallery%3Asirnorm&qo=2
1:13 PM - rainChu: ...I totally thought you were saying you were pawing through obscure innuendo X/3
1:13 PM - Dewott: Nuuu~ x3

"The cherries have the grapes and the grapes have the berries! It's an everlasting family of fruit, man!" --Umbro/Quil

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If I don't reply immediately I'm working on my game. Probably best to be patient if I don't reply immediately, but I'm still available for chat unless I'm in the middle of Hamtaro reruns or something.

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╚╝╚╩╝╚╩╝┼╚╝┼┼╚╝ -from Quachi
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*pokes* >:3
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You have been charged with the felony of farming carrots with disregard for our federal regulations, the fine will be $50,000 per carrot. You must pay your fine by next Tuesday. Thanks for your taxes. -US Government
rainChu Aug 7 @ 2:36am 
Thank you, everyone
Zenza Aug 6 @ 11:31pm 
welp. ... i'm an hour and a half late. my bad. happy belated birthday, man.