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Kielce, Poland
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Go find people to report for trading with scammers, lmfao. Kid you're still so unintelligent you can't even figure out the most obvious case of all. [cache-a.oddcast.com]

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Poland is the most useless country in the history
40 million people, almost the same as Spain
Lost every war in the history
Poor, no economy
No famous people
No achievements
Still deeply religious
Low IQ
Men look like shit
Women are very basic
Bad manners
CrafterofGenius 15 hours ago 
I'll have you know I graduated at the top of my class in the navy seals so you better check your fucking white cis male privilege
CrafterofGenius Jan 19 @ 6:42pm 
what the fuck did you just say about my divorcer gun you little bitch
Auroz Jan 19 @ 4:52pm 
your profile comments are cancer & shitpost bro
bomberXD Jan 18 @ 9:59pm 
-rep Post Obiously Mean Things ON Others Profiles and guess what....YEP there not even true :/