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OWEEEN Sep 7 @ 4:26am 
williams Sep 6 @ 8:45am 
Nawan Aug 30 @ 1:33pm 
thx for the Bay Born my dude
4lmost_0 Aug 30 @ 9:12am 
Looking for a team s28 ETF2L ?
OWEEEN Aug 24 @ 2:01pm 
Gorring calm the fuck down.
Görring Aug 5 @ 10:39am 
you think ur hot shit for pub stomping with 3 medics on your ass but you wouldnt mge me, I bet you dont even play comp you little dirty rat, kys and go pretend you are good in places where you would get destroyed, I challenge you to try tf2CENTER and you wouldnt last a single round because in real tf2 comp you only have ONE MEDIC, you waste of cum instead of just showing up to pubbers calling all your whole friends list to pocket you lol