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If you're a fan of the genre, the Alien franchise, or both, absolutely get this game. If you totally lack patience and/or are frustrated easily and hate dying a lot, this game might not be for you.

Think about other stealth games like Splinter Cell. You know how you sneak around, have many advantages and gadgets and by the end of the game, you've taken out dozens of nameless, faceless henchmen? Alien: Isolation is like that, except YOU are the henchman. The Alien has all the advantages, it stalks you, it messes with you, and ultimately it kill you... a lot. Alien: Isolation does a good job of deconditioning many survival horror normalcies that games of the genre have instilled in us up to this point. That sound you hear of some unseen monster skulking about nearby, those scripted music and audio cues designed to scare you. I'm an adult, I'm not a fool, I know those are there to scare me which is why they don't work. Except... except this time it's not scripted, there IS monster in the air ducts above you and it IS zeroing in on you unless you act! Usually, for all intents and purposes, you as the player are the most dangerous character in the game, like Dead Space, for example. The narrative tells you you're trying to survive against all odds, but truth be told you are slaying enemies single handedly throughout the entire game, and usually defeat some giant end-game boss at the climax. Not in Alien: Isolation, you are truely the prey, you are truely surviving against all odds and you are constantly in a state of dread or fear.
You can truely tell they wanted to make this game right. They went the extra mile in making the atmosphere near identical to the one created by Ridley Scott in 1979. The 1970's retro futuristic design makes you want to explore and discover tiny details and nuances built into the game around you. Unfortunately you can't, since you're constantly fighting to stay alive. Exploration gets you killed. There are tons of references to source material and overall, this game completely nailed it in terms of visuals, in both quality and design. Top notch.
The game isn't perfect, however. When it comes to the graphics, there are little nitpicks that are bothersome, but are not deal-breakers. For example, when NPCs speak to you in game, their mouth just gapes open and looks like they're chewing on a Jawbreaker or ice cube. This isn't so in the cut-scenes, but for some reason the cut-scenes run annoyingly choppy. The game is generally about 100 FPS, but the cutscenes look like 15-20.
There is also an inherent flaw to the overall concept of Alien: Isolation. They made it so difficult, they made it such a guaranty that you will die often, that truth be told, it stops being scary. At first it's all terrifying sure, but after the xenomorph kills you so many times, it sort of loses it's affect on you. Playing the same section over and over stops being scary and starts to become a bit annoying. Luckily, I haven't yet run into a section that took maybe 5 tries to overcome, but by that 5th try, it certainly wasn't scary anymore.
Looking at the big picture, this game a huge triumph and definitely moves the genre forward, and I hope many other games gather inspiration from it in the future. It is unique, innovative, a love letter to the fans, an homage to the source material and a great surival horror game all-in-one. I'd love to see this done in the "Predator" universe as well.
In the end, this is a survival horror game done absolutely right. If you're a fan of the genre, the Alien franchise, or both, absolutely get this game. If you totally lack patience and/or are frustrated easily and hate dying a lot, this game might not be for you.

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