Quint the Maxim Tomato
someone usually named Quint
If you want to add me, please comment on my profile FIRST, unless we know each other some other way.
Userpic: Maxim Kischine from Castlevania, on a tomato. Yes, it's a pun.
I mainly play 2D platformers and JRPGs though I also play other genres.
My wishlist is not a comprehensive of all games available on Steam that I want. Instead, it is a list of games on Steam that I can't get DRM-free elsewhere.
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Games I've been thinking about (as of 2017-12-07)
currently playing
[PC] The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (currently in Grancel)
[PC] Mini Metro (free play and daily challenges)
[PC] 200% Mixed Juice (World 6)
[PSP] Jeanne d'Arc (liberated one of three bastilles surrounding Orléans)
[PC] Titan Souls (15 defeated; currently facing the double)
[DS] Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled (arrived in Melmoth Sands, heading to Genufa)
[PC] Team Fortress 2 (free play)
[PC] 100% Orange Juice (free play)
[PC] DuckTales Remastered (hard mode replay)

games finished in the past month
[PC] Buntroid (12-07) 95% in just over 3 hours
[PC] Dreaming Sarah (11-27)
[PC] Cellar (11-26)
[PC] Shrubnaut (11-17)
[GB] Kirby's Dream Land (11-16)

things to check out (more, if applicable)
[PC] fault milestone 2 side:above
[PC] World End Economica
[PC] Astebreed
[PC] Valkyria Chronicles
[PC] Neverwinter Nights 2
[PC] Dragon Age: Origins (but it has a huge filesize...)
[PC] Aselia the Eternal
[PC] Strike Suit Zero (not sure if my computer can run this)
[PC] LiEat
[DS] Radiant Historia
[DS] Luminous Arc
[DS] Summon Night Twin Age
[PC] This Starry Midnight We Make
[PC] Sideway
[PC] Shelter
[PC] Mark of the Ninja
[PC] Astebreed
[PC] Kamui
[PC] Alltynex 2nd
[PC] Insanity's Blade
[PC] Helen's Mysterious Castle
[PC] Gauntlet
[PC] Demon King Chronicles
[PC] Dreaming Sarah
[PC] Apotheon
[PC] Cally's Caves 3
[PC] Crimzon Clover
[PC] Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds
[SNES] Eternal Filena
[SNES] Emerald Dragon
[GBA] Magical Vacation
[GG] Sylvan Tale
[SNES] Alcahest
[SNES] Dual Orb 2

backburner wishlist ("I've wanted these for forever")
[PS2] Wild ARMs 4
[Wii U/Switch] Splatoon (2)

games I want to see remade for PC
[DS] A Witch's Tale (just tone down the random encounters a bit)[SNES] Energy Breaker (mouse interface could solve some unintuitive UI things)
[DS] Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled (again, tone down the random encounters, and make battle screens' obstacles and hitboxes more obvious)
[NES] Felix the Cat
[DS] Nostalgia (give the airship battles the Ys duology's bump system)
[GB] Tail 'Gator (that amazing swing jazz soundtrack by Iku Mizutani)
[GB] Volley Fire

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Quint the Maxim Tomato Dec 9 @ 4:52pm 
Aww, thanks!
LeOkapis ツ Dec 9 @ 12:47pm 
Hey, not adding you or anything, just wanted to say great reviews and awesome profile too :) keep up the good work
Pietori Nov 11 @ 11:39am 
Sham Oct 28 @ 2:59pm 
I don't use discord. I meant community hub.
Sham Oct 28 @ 1:00pm 
This would be easier if you popped into OJ but there's some other details that you're missing. I sort of gave up on the thread since EPIC TROLLS took over.
Shining_Falcon Oct 18 @ 11:26am 
NOTE: I have a longer comment but it won't accept beyond 1000 characters. Accept my friend request and I'll message you.

Thanks. And I appreciate the compliment.

As for If My Heart Had Wings, after 36 hours I can say it's exaggerated. First of all there is an optional patch, but it prevents acheivements from unlocking, so I'm playing the original first. But I'll focus on the sections I have played from the Steam version.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you get something out of this VN at some point in the future. Talk to you later and feel free to send me a message. :)