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someone usually named Quint
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Profile pic: bitter oyster fungus (Panellus stipticus) bioluminescing, long-exposure photo, from Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panellus_stipticus#/media/File:PanellusStipticusAug12_2009.jpg
I mainly 2D platformers and JRPGs, with a smattering of other genres. I'm a fan of the works of Carpe Fulgur and Falcom.
I don't use the market to buy or sell trading cards.
My wishlist is not a comprehensive of all games available on Steam that I want. Instead, it is a list of games on Steam that I can't get DRM-free elsewhere.
Currently Online
Games I've been thinking about (as of 2017-06-28)
Currently playing
[PSP] Jeanne d'Arc (liberated one of three bastilles surrounding Orléans)
[PC] Titan Souls (15 defeated; currently facing the double)
[PC] The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (Bose chapter complete)
[DS] Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled (arrived in Melmoth Sands, heading to Genufa)
[PC] 100% Orange Juice (free play and dabbling with Extreme diffculty)
[PC] Team Fortress 2 (free play)
[PC] Eden's Aegis
[NES] Dragon Spirit: The New Legend

Recently-finished games
[PC] Lume
[PC] Celestial Mechanica
[PC] Inescapable
[SNES] Mega Man X2 (100%)
[PC] Castle in the Darkness (100% base game and 100% New Game+)
[PC] Ittle Dew (basic game + Compost Crypt)
[PC] Evoland (95.6% completion)
[GBA] Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (replay; speedrun: best ending in 1:40:37)
[GBA] Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (replay - luck mode, all item drops)
[DS] Nostagia (basic ending + 100% of World Treasures)

[PC] Song of the Deep (current PC doesn't run it at full speed)
[DS] Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (replay; low-level game, Level 29 vs. Menace)
[SNES] Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals (Ancient Cave done! 2/10 iris treasures, 17/41 blue chest treasures)
[GBA] Mega Man Zero 2 (beat train, Antarctica, and forest stages; working on power plant stage)
[GC] Metroid Prime
[GBC] Pokémon Crystal (restart b/c lost save?)
[PC] Ys II
[PC] Recettear (three dungeons complete, moving toward completion of first loop)
[PC] La-Mulana (remake version)
[PC] Tales of Symphonia (fire dungeon; must not give in to temptation to fight mimics)
[SNES] Terranigma
[PC] Mighty No. 9
[PC] Sage Fusion (finished city sidequest)
[PC] Valkyria Chronicles
[PC] eXceed 3rd (no-autobomb 1cc to reach the bonus boss)
[PC] Blade Kitten
[PC] fault milestone two side:above
[PC] World End Economica

Things To Try Out (More, if applicable)
[PC] Neverwinter Nights 2
[PC] Dragon Age: Origins (but it has a huge filesize...)
[PC] Aselia the Eternal
[PC] Strike Suit Zero (not sure if my computer can run this)
[PC] LiEat
[DS] Radiant Historia
[DS] Luminous Arc
[DS] Summon Night Twin Age
[PC] This Starry Midnight We Make
[PC] Sideway
[PC] Shelter
[PC] Mark of the Ninja
[PC] Astebreed
[PC] Kamui
[PC] Alltynex 2nd
[PC] Insanity's Blade
[PC] Helen's Mysterious Castle
[PC] Gauntlet
[PC] Demon King Chronicles
[PC] Dreaming Sarah
[PC] Apotheon
[PC] Cally's Caves 3
[PC] Crimzon Clover
[PC] Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds
[SNES] Eternal Filena
[SNES] Emerald Dragon
[GBA] Magical Vacation
[GG] Sylvan Tale
[SNES] Alcahest
[SNES] Dual Orb 2

Non-commitments/Games for Wasting Time
[PC] Team Fortress 2
[PC] 100% Orange Juice

Long-Term Seriously-Wantlist
[PS2] Wild ARMs 4
[Wii U or other] Splatoon

Games I Want to See Remade For PC
[SNES] Energy Breaker (mouse interface could solve some unintuitive UI things)
[DS] Nostalgia (give the airship battles the Ys duology's bump system)
[GB] Tail 'Gator (that amazing swing jazz soundtrack by Iku Mizutani)
[GB] Volley Fire
[NES] Felix the Cat
[DS] A Witch's Tale (just tone down the random encounters a bit)
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All of us feel this way some days.

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I actually got it to work windowed using the patch here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=383628124
But good to know that DXWnd requires an older version to make it succeed at forcing eXceed 1 to run windowed.
Windforce 2 hours ago 
i was suffering from the same issue as you when trying to run exceed in windowed mode. i couldnt solve the problem in the most recent version of DXWnd so i just use an older version. build v2_04_00 is working just fine
Blinkdog Jun 23 @ 11:55pm 
thanks for the post, your a god amung men
Oh, okay, cool. Feel free to keep posting if you want I guess.

I know I found you just because I was browsing the OJ artwork section. And I was like, hey, someone has a Chaika avatar, I wonder if I can Chaika-speak on their comments section, hey look I can, wheee~