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Co-founder of the "oof" meme
Please give me an actual reason to adding me in the comments. If you send me a random friend request I'll decline it.

go ruin this weeb faggots life by joining the weeb discord server https://discord.gg/6HT5Xpu

all of you faggots that advertise their game/item as "nostalgic" or "classic", go fuck yourselves.
not everybody in the history of planet earth wasn't born in that terrible era of 1980 - 1990

stop fucking adding me for no reason. comment to why you're adding me. don't just randomly add me. fucking read.

Nobody gives a shit about your shitty PC specs or whatever. remove it from your profile if you don't want to be seen as a joke.

starwars is fucking garbage. Stop spamming it all over the mod Workshop. You're making the Workshop a fucking joke.

99.9% of bronies must fucking die.

[I know I sound very hostile but it's just how I talk. I'm known to swear A LOT]

I also create steam skins for free wowie I know, BUT I don't have a Payplay also it's pretty easy so... Just y'know... Go to my comments and ask for a skin. I'll create one for you. Here is my skin creator thingy http://community.steamcustomizer.com/id/queenofcum

And I have some real life friends on steam. Crazy. I know. But this also means that they see my profile pictures that I have and I think they don't really want to be my friend anymore.
Currently Online
- [Seth/Criox] - Will stalk you and spam friend invites if you unfriend him - has nasty bleached hair - Makes fun of people for being overweight because he has nothing else in store for insults or whatthefuckever -Makes fun of people for their disabilities/Sexual prefferences - Will spam you with messages until you reply - Will change his name into "Delsin" and change his location to Norway because (I think) he is embarassed of his real name and location - If you're playing one of his favourite gamemodes (or ANY gamemods for that matter) he will pretend to gag and throw up and/or say "ew". Like I said, HIS FAVOURITE GAMEMODES - If for some reason you're in a fight with him he will pull out random shit from his pocket to try to prove you wrong about something - He's also a fucking bum so he will ask for money - If you're fearing for your life he won't give a shit, instead he'll scream into his mic and be an annoying cunt. (This actually happened with my psychopathic cousin, my cousin threatened to kill my family and Seth just screamed into the mic). - One time he was terrorizing somebody with an IP tracker, the person he was terrorizing was so scared he even offered his credit card information since he actually thought they were gonna go over to his house and murder him. A day later Seth and the dude become "friends" and gives him admin (I don't know why) and he suspends me so I suspend him and my friend removes suspension on me. And the dude won't stop being an asshole so I go to bed. I wake up and he was putting lies and etc in Seths chat about me and Seth for some reason believed him. Someone he just met for not even a day that got terrorized BY Seth, is now his best friend and is also an admin. (also seth lies about me lying about this because he doesn't want to get into trouble since he knows it's illegal.) - Doesn't use the use of you're and your properly. he always says it the exact opposite. - is just a really disgusting person in general, always looking up porn on a call and masturbates while his friends are on the call [discord].
- [Eric/Smash 'n Dash] - Uses a lot of trash like "XD" and "-FAZE CLAN-" etc unironically - When you're in a fight with him he will call you a random name and say that name is your birth name - Will spam you with invites and/or spam you with messages - Acts really weird - has a really annoying voice. - Will make fun of your disability if you have one.
- [Nick] - Will unfriend you if you message him - supports public masturbation - only thinks for himself. - acts really childish - acts like your mother or something and scolds you for holding grudges or simular things.
Pieman899/Fynn Corrigan - He is fucking insane, he's my cousin and I've known him for a long time. I'm 1 - 2 years older than him. He came over to my house one day asking me to beat some bullies up. He sounded distressed. But, I said "no". He took a pocket knife and pointed it at me, demanding me to kill one of the bullies. I said "no" again since it's the only thing my brain can think of in that moment of pure fear. He threatened to kill me, my mom, and my bird. He took my phone away so I couldn't call the police. I ran upstairs to my mom quite visibly shaken up with tears running down my face. I told her what happened and she told my grandpa. Ever since he was little, he has had a facination with knifes and sharp objects even at 2. He is a sick bastard that deserves to be in prison. Theres a lot more to him than this but it would take too long to put down. His Steam account got banned so that's why there is no link.


-Daniel's laugh

-Dilardo's laugh

-Seth's rage

-My baby boy, Parasyte
Parasyte may be a brony, but I could not give any shits if he was a white supremesist leader.
He's a really great friend and if you ever say anything bad about him, I'll fuck you up.

-Seth denying that I am indeed the co-founder of the oof meme. I guess he's jealious.
-Nissim7000. Fucking prick.
-starwars [Doesn't deserve capital]
-When Senpai doesn't notice you

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