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Jul 1 @ 10:08am
In topic Beta Update: Version b02
Originally posted by mantidactyle:
Originally posted by Matmor:
I disagree. When, for example, Helios deals damage to your opponent during their turn, their BCM can't redirect the damage, because it's your card, and therefore you are dealing the damage to your opponent.

By the same logic, since Psiclops is (in the situation I described above) my card, I'm dealing damage to myself, and BCM should work.
qbicfeet was not saying how the card should be written, but why the reported card behavior was not a bug. If you want it to work, Psiclops should have the keyword "take" for the side owning BCM for BCM to trigger.

And yeah, I agree this is not very clear.
Exactly, the game considers the words "deal damage" and "take damage" as two separate actions. "Deal damage" requires a target (usually your opponent, but sometimes you), while "take damage" always targets you. BCM only ever cares about "take damage".

A "deal damage" action that is called by you and targets you is different from a "take damage" called by you.

Let's compare Paranoid Fish to Psiclops. Paranoid Fish uses the "deal" action during your opponents turn (BCM won't trigger) but the "take" action during your own (BCM will trigger). Psiclops always used "deal", hence why BCM won't work.

The deal damage VS take damage difference a bit confusing at first, but all the cards that make use of either follow the game's own rules consistently.
Jul 1 @ 3:25am
In topic Beta Update: Version b02
Originally posted by matmor:
Originally posted by .pxl | Haku:
Effects like "Whenever you deal/heal" are working properly now, which means that it works with "damage dealt to player with most life" and with mana-damage and stuff like that.

I have tested it, and while other "damage dealt to player with most life" effects, work properly, there's a bug with Psiclops:
-I have the most life
-I have both BCM(X) and Psiclops on board activated
-Opponent plays a card

Then Psiclops deals 1 damage to me.
That's because during your opponent's turn, Psiclops is dealing damage from their end, not self-damage from your end. I think it's working as intended.
Jun 28 @ 10:24am
In topic Beta Update: Version b02
I can't say for sure yet but Simulacrum X seems pretty bonkers as well. With it active, Plasma Hydra deals 4 (!) damage on placement, Anti Muri deals 5 damage during its lifetime and That Guy and Metonym have their downsides turned into huge upsides.

I'd suggest something like "whenever you take 3 damage; deal 2 damage instead and discard this card".

Self damage in general still seems very strong even with the slight Business Casual Man X nerf.
Jun 28 @ 9:57am
In topic Beta Update: Version b02
Princess Remedy is completely broken. Healing whenever your opponent plays a card without requiring activation means that you can just drop it in the bottom left corner and stall the game forever.
I think an interedting solution could be to have the cards resolve in the opposite order for player 2. For example, during player 1's (the first one to play a card) turns, the cards resolve from left-to-right, top-to-bottom and during player 2's turns they resolve from right-to-left, bottom-to-top.

This would be easier to remember than by order of placement or randomness and circumvents the problem with certain spaces being less valuable, since the space that resolves last for you resolves first for your opponent.
Jun 25 @ 9:36pm
In topic the hardest player i've ran into
You can change the backs of the cards if you edit your deck save files. They are located somewhere in AppData/LocalLow and can be opened and edited with Notepad.
Gonna dump some feedback myself.

UI, UX and visuals:
- Absolutely agree with OP that the arrows filter in the deck should be organized in a square formation.
- The flashing borders on the card portraits that indicate whether a card is active or not can be hard to see at a quick glance (especially when a card is caged). Maybe the active state could be indicated in some other, more clear and immediately noticeable way?
- I'm assuming that this is going to change in the final game, but one-way cycling through deck icons by clicking instead of arrows for next/previous icons is a bit annoying.
- The texture filtering used to scale down card portraits, fonts and other UI elements makes cards look a bit pixelated and less "smooth" than their full-sized previews (difficult to describe, but it results in weird artifacts that are especially noticeable on portraits on cards like Bazooka Turnip or the card name for Business Casual Man X).
- Also assuming that this will be in the final game, but if not, some kind of turn counter in the corner during a match could be neat, just so you know for how long a match has been going.
- It would be neat if you could be able to see cards in an opponent's hand that have already been revealed when they were drawn (Heart, Cyber Jenny etc).

Balance and gameplay feedback:
- While I don't use it in my decks, I agree that Potato is a bit too strong and makes burner decks too viable.
- Business Casual Man (and BCM X) are a bit too effective. You can have up to 3 of them in your deck and they last a whopping 4 turns each, and given that there are so many strong self-damage cards in the game like Plasma Hydra or Goddess of Explosions you can make quick work of your opponent once you have one activated on the field.
--- I don't know anything about balancing, but I would suggest reducing them to 3 turns each and/or upgrading BCM X from gold to foil. Arrows could also be moved around and reduced, but arrows barely matter with cards like Passel or Key X on your deck.
- Cyber Jenny is a bit too strong and is a safe pick for practically any deck. 3 separate sources of 1 damage + arrows in all directions + 2 turns to resolve (giving you the opportunity to link another spy card) is a lot for a single card.
- This is very opinionated, but the board resolving cards in a left-to-right, top-to-bottom manner feels a bit unintuitive and against the spirit of the game. I think each space on the board should be equally valuable.
- Where is the effect that turns cards 180 degrees? :P

On a side note, this game is exactly what I had hoped for and more and I'm already forward to the full release.
Jun 24 @ 2:00pm
In topic Card City Nights 2 Tournament
I'm in, sounds like fun.
Oct 14, 2016 @ 11:17am
In topic curious question
There is really only one official game mode, which is a free-for-all brawl where you try to bomb other players off the level until there is one last man standing. You can change and toggle a bunch of settings like what sets of levels you want to play on or whether powerups should spawn or not and their spawn rate, but the general gameplay stays the same.

There's also a special "game mode" called the Saturday Special, which is available every Saturday and enables a bunch of special rules, like having all players spawn with certain powerups or having the server spawn special bombs or items every now and then. Aside from those specifics it plays pretty much the same as the regular gamemode though.

It should be noted that as of the last major update there is an official modding API that lets modders create custom server rules (similar to the Saturday Special mentioned above), so it's possible that someone could come along and create alternate game modes in the future.
Oct 13, 2016 @ 10:21am
In topic Local multiplayer DO IT
Originally posted by Thraka:
That may have been the worst analogy you could come up with
It really isn't very far off though, especially not with the second guy referring to the devs as "these idiots". You are walking up to a product that was clearly made to serve a certain purpose, only to berate the devs for not making it fulfill some completely unrelated purpose as well.

As much as the word "entitled" is thrown around by morons in the gaming sphere, this kind of attitude falls under the very definition of entitled.
Oct 12, 2016 @ 8:03am
In topic Local multiplayer DO IT
This is like going into a bicycle store and asking for their finest BMX, only to get mad because it isn't a tandem bike.

It was not designed with the intent of being played by more than one player, and turning it into multiplayer would require a complete reconstruction of the game, one that they would likely deem to not be worth it. If you think they "can just do it" and start slamming their hands on a keyboard until they♥♥♥♥♥♥out a mulitplayer mode that is both good and functional you are seriously underestimating the effort that is required when making these games.
Oct 12, 2016 @ 7:53am
In topic API Update (0.16.2)
OnBombCreate gives me a SCRIPT OTHER ERROR when a player other than Player 1 (id = 0) creates a bomb.
function OnBombCreate(bomb, ownerplayer, isheld) Bombernauts.Debug("Bomb was created! bomb.ownerID = "..bomb.ownerID..", = " end
The following script outputs "Bomb was created! bomb.ownerID = 0, = 0" whenever the first player (id = 0), but gives the following error:
SCRIPT OTHER ERROR (probably a parameter error)
Error occured when calling OnBombCreate
when a player with the id 1 creates a bomb.

If the second player is forced to spawn a bomb (through player.SpawnBomb()) it will work as intended, but not if they spawn one manually.

Note that I was connecting to my own server by running the Bombernauts client twice, so that might have no had something to do with it (in other words, I have not tested this with "real" players).

Oct 11, 2016 @ 10:34am
In topic API Update (0.16.1)
Neither OnBatted() nor OnHardBatted() work for me after this update, they never get called no matter with what force a player is batted. The former worked fine prior to this update.
Oct 10, 2016 @ 12:21pm
In topic Some more API hook requests
(Didn't want to hijack Hartmunt's thread)

Have been toying around with the API fairly extensively during the weekend and I have the following requests/suggestions for hooks and features to add:

  • OnBombCreated(Bomb bomb) - event that is called when a bomb is created (i.e. when a player starts holding a bomb over their head).
  • OnBombExploded(Bomb bomb) - called when a bomb explodes. Nuff said.
  • OnPlayerLeave() - event for when a player leaves the game. Would be very useful for clearing up stuff to make sure nothing breaks just because someone quit playing.

  • I would love to have some way to directly manipulate the tile map and change block properties (as well as add and remove blocks), something like "TileMap.SetTile(x, y, z, blockType)". Would be fun for doing stuff like making the map shrink from the edges after a certain time limit, or adding timed temporary platforms. Elemental bombs can already alter the tilemap so I hope this is possible.

  • forceSpawn - same as the option in game settings, enables/disables forced spawns
  • secondsUntilForceSpawn - same as above

  • - for retrieving player names (for appending to custom server messages)
  • Player.pronoun - same reason as above (" killed "..player.pronoun..".")
  • Player.title - same as above
  • IsZombie() - returns whether the player is a zombie or not
  • Some way to disable players from using bats. Not sure if this is possible (probably client-side), but would be very useful
  • Some way to change a player's "state" (king/sombrero/zombie etc.) on demand. Would be useful if I want to make a zombie game mode where everyone turns into zombies if they are batted, or a king of the hill-type game where the king actually gets to be the king.

  • Bomb.Explode(), or some other way to remotely detonate a bomb, if possible.

Other stuff:
  • Chat colors for server messages - some way of being able to choose the color of the message printed when doing Bombernauts.ChatMessage() would be very nice, to make different types of server messages stand out from each other.
  • Server-side sing command - Could either be in the form of a "global" song that comes from the server, or a player being forced to sing directly through something like player.Sing("-sing ..."). Would open up a lot of fun possibilities and would let you do things like play a congratulary tune when a player has a kill streak or something.
  • Let us retrieve a list of crates/pinatas/items (not sure how/if they are differentiated) and get their contents, position and id, and optionally add events for when they are picked up. I mean, there's already CrateCount(), so why stop there? I could see this coming in handy if one wanted to make something like a capture the flag mode, where a certain pickup is treated as a "flag" and events are fired when it is picked up.

That's about all everything I felt like I was missing from my time so far with the API.
Oct 9, 2016 @ 11:23am
In topic Local multiplayer DO IT
"Hey Namco, see this single player game you've made that was carefully designed to be played by a lone player? Yeah, cram multiplayer into it!"

Sep 24, 2016 @ 8:02am
In topic Reset Button?
Originally posted by Zeke:
Okay, but if it's going to be on the Pause menu anyway, why is the reset a separate button instead of an option?
That would just add even more key presses.

There is nothing wrong with the way they handled it, arguably it's better for people playing using the arrow keys because you can comfortably use your left hand to reset without lifting your right hand off the arrow keys.

It's such an incredibly nitpicky complaint.
That's what so great about Namco games -- most of the time they are accessible, easy to get into and let you choose a difficulty level you are the most comfortable with, yet at the same time they aren't afraid of having unlockables that require the player to truly master the game.
Sep 23, 2016 @ 8:38am
In topic Reset Button?
It's literally the exact same amount of button presses lol
Sep 17, 2016 @ 11:19am
In topic Do ghost chains max out at 6000 points?
Ghost trains are capped at 60 ghosts (1 leader + 59 minions), you will know it's full when green minions that you awake instantly turn into a pair of eyeballs and fly to the left/right of the scren instead of getting added to a train.
The key to getting really high scores is to know exactly when a train will get maxed out so that you can take a shortcut straight to the power pellet.
Sep 17, 2016 @ 11:15am
In topic What are you guys using bombs for?
If you want an example of how and when to use the bomb, look at the demo replay of Championship II (Single), it uses a bomb on the third screen to jump directly to the fruit as soon as it appears.

Depending on what route you are going to take, bombs can be very useful for clearing early boards quickly so that you can rack up enough time to fit in another ghost train on the last board before the timer runs out.
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