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Punning Pundit's Collection of LW2 Compatible Mods
Collection by Punning Pundit
I'm doing my best to curate mods that make Long War 2 work better in any of several ways. Either map or customization packs (which should work with any mods at all), or Long War 2 specific add-ons.
Punning Pundit's Collection for Soldiers
Collection by Punning Pundit
If XCOM2 is playing with toy soldiers, then these mods give you even more, um, pieces. Anyway. New toys. YAY! New XCOM classes, class upgrades, weapons, weapon upgrades... if it give non-cosmetic options for your soldiers, it goes here.
Punning Pundit's Collection of Enemies
Collection by Punning Pundit
Just what it sounds like: More enemies, better enemies, things that make enemies harder to deal with. Don't thank me, thank the sadists who made these mods.
Punning Pundit's collection of maps and cosmetic things
Collection by Punning Pundit
MAPS! This collection gives you more and different types of grounds to fight on. New buildings to blow up, new types of environments to get ambushed in, etc. There are also a couple cosmetic things that strike my fancy.
Punning Pundit's Collection of Quality of Life Improvements
Collection by Punning Pundit
WARNING! Nothing in this collection will actually improve the quality of your life outside of the game. I don't want anyone to have the wrong idea. These are some basic UI and information enhancements I've found for the game. I don't think they directly
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