=WL= Gentleman Sphee
Mr. Snortobeat (currently running profile)   Ede, Gelderland, Netherlands
I won't be online for a very long time, that is: until i have survived the immense hell of homework and other stuff that has to do with school...
Oh, about my information? It's still down here safely in the basement.
I still do accept friend requests and invites during that time, but not as often.

Hi, my (in-game) name is Suzutsuki, i'm a Akizuki-Class Destroyer (with Sphee being so kind to run my profile during this period) who loves to play games, watch anime, and other things.

Oh, don't you worry. I'll protect you in any way i can! :steamhappy:
You don't have to ask if you want to be my friend, i accept anyone: and if you do...
Other information: other than loving anime and games
B-day: 6 July
I play TF2 most of the time, and i often play on Wonderland tf. servers.
I main Soldier, Scout and Pyro, but i also like Spy, Engie and the rest. Also, being a demo is alright to me! (i'm wishing to become a legendary scout main with the wrap assassin, hope it happens one day)
I enjoy to have friends so feel free to add me!
I love dank memes... (do you kno da wae?)
Add me on Discord: Suzutsuki-Chan#6241
Another thing, feel free to talk with me: anything is allowed, but i can be a bit salty when talking about certain things...
If you cross me, you're in for some trouble.. but it doesn't happen much, so you're lucky.
I do change my name from time to time, here's some of my names:
*This one *Suzutsuki-Chan *Cruiser Prinz
That's it, have a nice day! oh, and flip a chip.
Are you still here? ...that's fine, you're welcome to having fun with me.
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bodyshotter Feb 15 @ 11:45am 
very good friend kind and quiet
Hanzo J johnsson Feb 13 @ 9:24am 
np ;3
=WL= Gentleman Sphee Feb 13 @ 8:25am 
Thank you soooo much :D
Hanzo J johnsson Feb 12 @ 12:50pm 
+red Good friend,Amazing Scout,Very nice person, and :3
=WL= Gentleman Sphee Feb 9 @ 11:31pm 
I just created a new group named 'Wrap Assassin Lords', feel free to join!
sir.heavy Jan 4 @ 8:18am 
thx :3