silver 3 wannabe CSLottos
Hello there welcome to my profile

Add me if you like just explain why you added me.

Common questions: top 3 games that i own (in no order)

TF2 (Team Fortress 2)

CS GO (Counter Strike Global Offensive)

And minecraft haha im so funny (not im sorry i just can't think of a third).

Another common question: How many hours do i have on tf2 and csgo. Look at my profile. but as a rough estimate 1610 hours on tf2 and 70 on cs.

Next question: Where am i from? UK

Languages i speak: 3 English Spanish and French of these i speak 2 of them fluently English and Spanish.

My profile settings are as they are for security and people spamming/telling bs and complaining about life. NOTE if you try to scam me you will be blocked/reported.

Rules about messaging me

Do NOT spam as it is just annoying af. Pls take into concideration i may be in a tf2 highlander game or playing in a cs comp.

There are several things i do during the day and i may change the online setting to one of the following

In game: could be trading, afk, in a match, having fun. try to avoid spamming just send a message and then when im ready ill talk with you.

Online: Send a few i should be doing something on my pc itelf could be afk but just dont spam.

Busy: something probaly important be pacient.

Ofline: not there, interenet down maybe or something like that.

Looking to play: finding peopple possibly like you to play with. feel free to msg me if you wanna have a game.

Looking to trade: same as look to play really but this time for trading.

Away: prob afk or idk just dont spam me send a message ill get to you when i can :)

Spy stuff

If you didnt know i teach people how to play spy. I teach alot of the trickstabs and how you do them and just how to get better in general. I will show you several things you can do as a way to practice. I do ask for payment as I do have other stuff to do but i can promise you it is worth it. I expect payment at the end.

Feel free to leave a coment if i taught you spy so people know im an ok teacher or any feedback or whatever.


Feedback for shit and whatnot and all coments need to be nice/helpful/constructive, any negative non helpful or non-contructive feedback will just be deleted or get you removed so dont waste your time.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day :)
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silver 3 wannabe CSLottos Jun 3 @ 6:50am 
thanks everyone as I said in my profile description any coments are appreciated
TeaPot Tantrum | Jun 2 @ 3:22pm 
This guy is perfect for all the trickstabs that you need to know !
So glad I payed him he definitely deserves a payment for his teachings of the way of a trick stab king
Chief Hungry Apr 23 @ 9:13am 
+rep have fun at tf2 friend :)