bald island
pagliacci   Reigate, Surrey, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
"I'm sick of your shit, Kyundi"
"bald do you have dementia on top of autism LMAO i beat you"
"You are one of the biggest human pieces of trash AND I'm fucking done with you."
"die you fucking minge"
"Since you're gay I assume more than one thing is wrong with you"
"to be honest kyundi, you're like a virus"
"kyundi - the missing link between memes and the real world"
"if i was in a room with hitler, bin laden and you and i had a gun with 3 bullets, i'd shoot you 3 times"
"Teach me your secrets, you magnificent, gay, screaming wizard baby"
"Prole u are one of the biggest and usles shits ever"
"The world would be better off if you were just dead."
"I wish I was a woman so I could breed a generation of your genius"
"kyundi: officially better with girls than straight men"
"kyundi i swear to christ i wish the airraids on britain killed all of your kind"
"Prole Babstoop: Shamless, theiving, pretentious un-bearably dicky fuck tard."
"you know he's a faggot when kyundi calls him one"
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PilotBland 7 hours ago 
b-baka.. hey there.. cutie.
arcxde 15 hours ago 
fuck you redwoody, you ruined my roleplay
Redwoody 15 hours ago 
shut the heck up arcade
arcxde 15 hours ago 
fuck you kyundi, you ruined my roleplay
jan Apr 20 @ 12:21pm 
h-hey ur cute !! ^_^
Cutie Apr 3 @ 9:16am