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justin Mar 16 @ 10:43pm 
u smell nice
The real dirty dan Mar 15 @ 6:51pm 
Hello. I was wondering about executions of soldiers, heros, and vassals. Will it be like the floris mod, where it describes them dying via chat talking to them? WIll there be an animation, or will it load a level with gallows and you have to interact with it?
LEM0ENJUIES Mar 15 @ 12:04pm 
Dear Callum what will the next Dev Blog be about you did not tell us.
Terrok Mar 13 @ 7:41am 
Hello my friend can i have the game please thank you
crustaceans Mar 10 @ 12:40pm 
that's a nice head you have on your shoulders
Frostic Mar 9 @ 2:54am 
Alright, thanks for the answer :)