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Luigi 9:50 AM How can I help you?
Sarzyenski 9:50 AM hey you were the !@#$%^ playing freeze mage
I hope someone you love is killed by a drunk driver
Luigi 9:50 AM Probably, why?
Sarzyenski 9:50 AM thats all

Water Cat {<3 TI}: i love penises

blackbird εїз: Luigi you're the best HL leader I've had

headsnoogles› fbs!!: you are the best leader ever

Corrderio: This may be relevant to you

wash εїз: lovely leader luigi

Im dead, dont bother εїз: I think you would be really sexy in thigh highs

big dick club εїз: you're #1
big dick club εїз: bosh is lying

[AyyLmao] Happy B☹B: i love u luigi

rockmonkey: im jk ily
rockmonkey: you frag

pro japanese volleyball player:
Water Cat {<3 TI} 'ringme: is this boshiya? LF Pregame: why are you on engineer and why are you a really good engy
Luigi: oh
Luigi: they needed one
Luigi: and I was just sub for rk
Luigi: so why not LF Pregame: but how are you so good at engy LF Pregame: you main soldier lol

barycenter: the flank pootis is not something you can learn in a day ............
barycenter: you must be the flank pootis
barycenter: you must think like the flank pootis
barycenter: you must talk like the flank pootis
barycenter: yes it is not something a young pootis can master quickly ..........
barycenter: it is the pinnacle of skill in team
barycenter: good luck young pootis ............. LF Pregame: lol LF Pregame: well as engy you just went forward and kept hitting me for 70 LF Pregame: it felt like you were an engineer based andrew LF Pregame: never missed LF Pregame: so i believe

April 18th, 2016

Season 11 - Silver - All-class sub
Season 12 - Gold - Heavy
Season 14 - Steel - Heavy
Season 15 - Silver - Soldier
Season 17 - Silver - Engineer
Season 18 - Silver - Soldier
Season 19 - Silver - Soldier - 3rd Place
Season 20 - Gold - Engi - 3rd Place
Season 21 - Platinum - Sub

Season 14 - Steel - Roamer
Season 17 - Steel - Roamer
Seasn 19 - Silver - Roamer
Season 21 - Silver - Sub - 1st Place
Season 22 - Platinum - Sub

Season 1 - Silver
Season 9 - Gold
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there's no hilary emote and the trump one is 5 dollars B(
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Luigi: a room full of men talking about networks
Luigi: mmmm
Luigi: I just want their long ethernet cable in my port, but don't tell them it's actually meant for a gigabitethernet :O

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mhuphuggin gay ass sans background
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hot wheels
beat that