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900 hours on med and i'm still trash
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Sanity 9 hours ago 
ffs that was fast
G. 9 hours ago 
Ffs that was fast
Sanity 9 hours ago 
no u cant
G. 9 hours ago 
I can't go to a single profile without seeing sanity can I?
lukamine 22 hours ago 
Look at these god-damn long-haired pansies, pissing themselves at the sight of a non-LGBT male talking calmly with a closed pocket knife in an open palm.

Back in my day we all carried switchblades and most mornings had to knife-fight an armed intruder on the way to school from a night-shift down the old coalmine. And you know what we did for the summer holiday? We went to Europe and fought Panzer Divisions of the Waffen SS. Knocked out Japan and Korea on the way back. The only safe space there was the one you'd dig with your hands in the cold dirt.

School shootings build character, something these soft-bellied snowflakes desperately lack.
Sanity Feb 27 @ 1:13am 
this man is gay