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TF2Center: Dr. Doctor was banned from this lobby by cake dip
rspt prodigal: the man's a doctor, why do you have to treat him like that
rspt prodigal: what is this, united airlines
smh eat a dick: nice meme

*DEAD* {Pk} Heavenly Tensai : its all prodigals fault
*DEAD* {Pk} Heavenly Tensai : he's a fucking ugc plat spy
prodigal : im a medic main

gr:m : pop your pipes, pop your pipes!!
fygg : you mean det your sticks?!?!?!!
ThunderPuppy : i thought you wanted an uber

"their spy is killing me every time,...he's not even backstabbing me, he's botting into me and shooting me with his boom boom gun." -- StraightOuttaAmmo

*DEAD* Amy Shcumer Is A Good Comedian : plz stop the scripts

*DEAD* noko : he did it AGAIN

*DEAD* Jeffehhhhh : dude obvious bot is obvious
Jeffehhhhh : prodigal has aim
Osvoldon : he is legit
Jeffehhhhh : lol
Jeffehhhhh : he does insane 180 flicks

*DEAD* Homeless weeaboo : pyp stop being a tryhard

*DEAD* Rummy : prodigal did the rest
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Voyager Feb 20 @ 6:45pm 
01:08:46 dogeiestdoge: why do you think im black
01:08:54 dogeiestdoge: where am i supposed to power my comp
01:08:56 dogeiestdoge: in africa
01:09:14 prodigal: i mean, you could be of ugandan or kenyan descent
01:09:15 Sholvo: I imagine some flinstones ass shit
01:09:32 prodigal: and live someplace where electrical outlets are highly accessible
01:09:38 dogeiestdoge: have some half dog half dinosaur hybrid runniong on a tradmill outside
01:09:50 Voyager: lol
01:09:58 dogeiestdoge: yea prodigial, cotton doesnt power gtx 970s
01:10:03 Sholvo: screen is small animals acting out the game realtime
01:10:24 Sholvo: lil birdguy dressed up as demo
01:10:34 dogeiestdoge: medic could be a un soldier
01:10:41 prodigal: i don't think i mentioned cotton
01:10:43 dogeiestdoge: wit the blue hat
Voyager Feb 20 @ 6:44pm 
01:10:47 dogeiestdoge: you mentioned black peopel
01:10:57 Sholvo: we talkin bout
01:10:58 prodigal: what does that have to do with cotton
01:11:01 Sholvo: black people
01:11:02 dogeiestdoge: ;)
01:11:09 Voyager: black people are cotton
01:11:20 prodigal: you mean their hair is cotton ?
01:11:31 Sholvo: no
01:11:31 dogeiestdoge: omg
01:11:32 dogeiestdoge: ded
01:11:39 Voyager: no their hair is like noodles
01:11:43 Voyager: spaghetti
01:11:55 prodigal: but i thought we were talking about black people
01:12:10 Voyager: yeah black people have spaghetti hair
01:12:31 prodigal: but only women have spaghetti hair ?
01:12:42 Sholvo: black professor would always do halloween as 'dirty q-tip' and just fro out
01:12:44 dogeiestdoge: women didnt have alot to do with coton
01:12:44 Voyager: stop complicating things
01:12:45 Sholvo: so good
01:12:54 dogeiestdoge: usually guys
01:13:00 prodigal: but we initially were discussing black people ????
01:13:07 Voyager: spaghetti doesn't have to be long

Voyager Feb 20 @ 6:43pm 
01:13:18 Sholvo: maybe for you
01:13:25 dogeiestdoge: but you know they have that feminism equality so they let the girs pick it too
01:13:25 Voyager: black people can be females too
01:13:38 dogeiestdoge: black females can be black too
01:13:44 prodigal: yes but black females have hair like ropes and not spaghetti
01:14:01 Voyager: ropes and spaghetti are the same thing
01:14:04 dogeiestdoge: more like cotton
01:14:09 prodigal: ropes are thicker than spaghetti
01:14:31 Voyager: not if the spaghetti is thick and the ropes are thin
01:14:41 Sholvo: fucked a black chick, can confirm her hair was actually pasta
01:14:59 Sholvo: my ropes are thic af fam
01:15:06 Voyager: pasta¿ are you high
01:15:07 ⠀➜➜➜➜➜Treevorthe1◀◀◀◀◀: thinker than my ass
01:15:09 prodigal: thicker pastas go well with creamier and heavier sauce
01:15:13 Sholvo: I fuckin wish
01:16:10 dogeiestdoge: matt hop in
01:16:12 dogeiestdoge: my team
01:16:14 dogeiestdoge: the cool team

Voyager Feb 20 @ 6:43pm 
01:16:21 dogeiestdoge: where you dont have to pick cotton
01:16:33 prodigal: but i thought we were talking about spaghetti
01:17:03 dogeiestdoge: fuck can this jkust start
01:17:14 prodigal: no, we must continue discussing noodles
01:17:16 Voyager: spaghetti and black people and cotton are all related
01:17:20 Voyager: not pasta
01:17:22 dogeiestdoge: at this rate, the server will expire during our game
01:17:36 prodigal: spaghetti is pasta though
01:17:48 dogeiestdoge: but black people cant eat pasto or spagetti
01:17:49 I was gonna frag but i got high: why
01:17:50 Voyager: no it's not wtf?
01:18:04 prodigal: do black people have a problem with gluten
01:18:06 prodigal: ?
01:18:16 dogeiestdoge: no they have a problem with any food
01:18:27 prodigal: but why is macaroni and cheese so good?
01:18:29 Voyager: as long as it's not chicken
01:18:31 dogeiestdoge: because they arent used to it.
01:18:47 Voyager: if it's chicken flavoured mac and cheese they're good with it
double Jan 19 @ 9:53am 
+rep simplemente increíble
D-maV Apr 9, 2016 @ 5:51pm 
+Rep, thanks for the trade <3