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End of the road, A Level 35 Clean One. After 4 months of trading, I finally get it.
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★★★ Frequently asked questions ★★★
★ Am I selling my unusuals ? ★
Yes, all of them are for sales for pure and cash, almost 90% of unusual offer I am likely to pass but please do not be afraid to offer. Nevertheless, I am not in rush to selling any of them. I am happy to keep them for long time.
Note: Some items are not selling separately; Triple Ice-cream Engi Set and The 3 Unusual Hunter Heavys must purchases together.

★ Why I called myself pp7 ? ★
It is a gun from GoldenEye 007 [en.wikipedia.org], my 1st first-person shooter video game & my all time favorite

★ How much $$ I put in. How long I have been trading ? ★
Most of my cash purchases are recorded in my Backpack Trust which are about $10000. Now my backpack worth more than $20000. I start cash in in Feb 2015 when earbuds was about to die, every single unusual I traded made more than double profit. After all the trading, now I only left with the Epic and the Icon unusual. My unusual trading history showed below.

★ Added for mvm ? ★
Sure if you have at least 40 tours experience, there are 60 out of my 100 friends in my list are experienced mvm players but make sure you comment before add me. (Only play 2 cities and expert mode)

★ Before you add me, pls read this ★
I do not accept random invites, private profiles will be blocked
Do not add me for trading tips, I will block you instantly
If you want to add me, you must leave a comment with reason why you added me
If you want a fast trade send me a trade offer
I regularly purge my friends list, feel free to add me back if we have unfinished business.

I will never ask you to pay me cash for my items
Make sure my backpack has 3 Unusual Hunter Heavys
I have a 5 years Steam Badge with over 2000+ hours playing TF2
My steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/pp7oo/
My Steam ID 64: 76561198013192860 • My Steam ID 32: STEAM_0:0:26463566
Backpack Trust [backpack.tf] SteamRep [steamrep.com] Rep thread [tf2-trader.com]
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Trades Made
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Click To See This Engi Set [images.akamai.steamusercontent.com]

After 4 months of trading, I finally get a Burning Team Captain and Burning Crone

List of Unusuals or Rare items I have been sold or traded

Cloudy Moon Coffin Kit [backpack.tf]
Sunbeams Noh Mercy [backpack.tf]
Sunbeams Charmer's Chapeau [backpack.tf]
Sunbeams Le Party Phantom [backpack.tf]
Hellfire Team Captain [backpack.tf]
Burning Flames Antlers [backpack.tf]
Strange Australium Sniper Rifle [backpack.tf]
Golden Frying Pan [backpack.tf]
Purple Energy Thirst Blood x1 [backpack.tf]
Death at Dusk Sleeveless in Siberia [backpack.tf]
Death at Dusk Hong Kong Cone [backpack.tf]
Stormy Storm Team Captain [backpack.tf]
Darkblaze Bear Necessities [backpack.tf]
Scorching Flames Le Party Phantom [backpack.tf]
Burning Flames Backbiter's Billycock [backpack.tf]
Sunbeams Anger [backpack.tf]
Sunbeams Pyromancer's Mask [backpack.tf]
Flaming Lantern Soldier's Stash [backpack.tf]
Searing Plasma Merc's Mohawk [backpack.tf]
Scorching Flames HazMat Headcase [backpack.tf]
Death at Dusk Team Captain [backpack.tf]
Frostbite Team Captain [backpack.tf]
Energy Bonk Boy [backpack.tf]
Terror-Watt Helmet Without a Home [backpack.tf]
Vintage Earbuds [backpack.tf]
Kill-a-Watt Tough Stuff Muffs [backpack.tf]
Kill-a-Watt Human Cannonball [backpack.tf]
Bubbling Bunsen Brave [backpack.tf]
Electrostatic Horrific Headsplitter [backpack.tf]
Smoking Brainiac Hairpiece [backpack.tf]
Nuts n' Bolts Buccaneer's Bicorne [backpack.tf]
Strange Professional Killstreak Australium Sniper Rifle [backpack.tf]
Knifestorm Bootleg Base Metal Billycock [backpack.tf]
Circling Heart Flipped Trilby [backpack.tf]
Harvest Moon Hotrod [backpack.tf]
Chiroptera Venenata Your Worst Nightmare [backpack.tf]
Cloud 9 Glasgow Great Helm [backpack.tf]
Strange Australium Ambassador [backpack.tf]
Strange Australium Knife [backpack.tf]
Purple Energy Thirst Blood x2 [backpack.tf]
Miami Nights Galvanized Gibus [backpack.tf]
Aces High Killer Exclusive [backpack.tf]
Searing Plasma Master's Yellow Belt [backpack.tf]
Green Energy Thirst Blood [backpack.tf]
Strange Purple Energy Bonk Boy [backpack.tf]
Vivid Plasma HazMat Headcase [backpack.tf]
Death at Dusk Brainiac Hairpiece [backpack.tf]
Morning Glory Pencil Pusher [backpack.tf]
Burning Flames Thirst Blood [backpack.tf]
Burning Flames Villain's Veil [backpack.tf]
Frostbite Gilded Guard [backpack.tf]
Strange Australium Force-A-Nature [backpack.tf]
Strange Australium Minigun [backpack.tf]
Strange Australium Black Box [backpack.tf]
Vivid Plasma Cold Killer [backpack.tf]
The Ooze Big Country [backpack.tf]
Scorching Flames Respectless Rubber Glove [backpack.tf]
Max's Severed Head [backpack.tf]
Strange Specialized Killstreak Australium Wrench [backpack.tf]

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