Lemunz r Grammurfulz :D

Owner of Lemons' United.
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"One is Often Enough"
Welcome to my profile!
I am a Source Trade Map Maker & Coding Hobbyist!
I am also the web designer of Dogecoin.com - a digital currency for Shiba Inus!


Current positions are...
~ le none :( (ded since 2014, been good run)

Past positions are...
~ Admin of Hatten's Hat Club
~ Admin of Melkor's Price Checks
~ "The Amazing Hatte Photographer" of TF2Pricecheck.net
~ Owner of Lemons' United
~ Server Admin of Acefortress (R.I.P)
~ Community Administrator of Sirius Gaming


If you are trading anything with me, make sure that I'm the real PowerLemons!
I have had a few impersonators in the past, so check if...

- I have over 2,000 hours of TF2 played
- I have atleast 150 games
- I have a "6 Years of Service" Steam badge
- I have over 180 friends
- My Steam level is atleast Level 20
- The custom URL above ends with PowerLemonz

My only alternate accounts are...
http://steamcommunity.com/id/PowerLemonsAlt - PowerLemons

They are both Free 2 Play, so they cannot trade.

창작마당 전시대
* All-Class
* Paintable
* Team-Colored

Do you like lemons? Of course you do! Lemon Pie, Lemon Cake, Lemonade, and even Combustible Lemons! But there is one problem: there are no lemons in Team Fortress 2! Well with ultimate cyberconnected (have no ide
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+rep Burnt himself out of video games.
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hello dad
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I want to ask you a question, could you please add me'?
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Limes are better you skrub l4rd ( º ͜ʖ º)
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I love the exqusite lemon