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I made friends with the crows
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6:56 PM - Yop.: I got work in 5mins :(
6:56 PM - sage: lmao
6:56 PM - sage: sell ur maccas uniform for like 20 dollars
6:56 PM - Yop.: Fuuuucking Lucas is my manager today
6:56 PM - sage: is lucas a cunt
6:57 PM - Yop.: Mate Lucas is the pork of Maccas
6:57 PM - sage: LOL
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when the enemy scout takes an uber on u but u got the moves

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dream about me OwO
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When you step into the ozfortress community, you're not going any old place. You're coming to the underground fight club of intellect. Prepare to be mentally battered. But don't worry, after you've spent your newbie time being cognitively pummeled, you'll have joined the ranks of the mental elite.

Then you'll see the world for what it truly is. All those people going around without a thought in their head. You'll hate it. You'll become just like seinfeld. And you'll start loving it. The power of intelligence, of absolute intellectual superiority. It'll become a high you chase, constantly learning and experimenting.

You'll finally be a TF2 player.
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Con los terroristas
Do the Harlem Shake
Ey (Ey)
Con los terroristas
Ey (Ey)
Ey (Ey)
Ey (Ey)
Ey (Ey)
Ey (Ey)
Ey (Ey)
Do the Harlem Shake (Shake)
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doodly doodly
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