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I'm part Man, part Corgi, and Part Gamer.

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Please Comment before adding me as to the reason why. People who don't will be ignored!
That said, I also probably won't accept an invite just because you'd like to have me on your friends list. It's nothing personal, and I would gladly accept everyone if it weren't for Steam's friend limits.

If you're looking for me to anwser questions
I'll gladly help you out to the best of my abilities, but please note that if you're looking to be taught how to do every little thing, you're better off looking up the countless videos out there that will tell you just that. I can give you pointers and help you along your way with what information I know, but I probably won't teach you everything from point A to B. Again, nothing personal, it's just I don't have the time to walk everyone through stuff personally, despite how much I may want to help.
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Saref Nov 18 @ 9:09am 
Hello. Is there any way to connect with server administrators or become an administrator? Very often I see a picture of how griefers spoil the game, using a bug with killing objects or simply kicking all in a row with their griefer party. Because of this, it is impossible to play your game normally. NMRiH soon he will die at such a rate. Because this scum using a bug with objects, they kill the whole team, and it's not even possible to play properly, so the servers are empty, and they switch to other servers, and they also emptied. You can tell about the kick, but it does not work - half does not press F1, and the other half though votes for their kick, but their voices are still not enough to expel the griefers.
Bernd Das Brot Oct 2 @ 11:11pm 
Your models are 10/10 super swell
1337Prince Sep 27 @ 3:37pm 
wow you were right, a lot of peeps come to your page :v
Jackiscool209 Sep 4 @ 7:11am 
Are we still getting Coach?
crab time Sep 2 @ 11:29pm 
was your gordon freeman model ever finished? I can't find it anywhere
♫Joe (USA)♫ Sep 2 @ 4:02pm 
I need help with your bill mod, For some reason it broke, And it doesn't show up at all anymore for me.