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Team Fortress 2
About The Nerd.
So... hello! My name is Pootkip
You can call me:

» Pootkip
» Poot
» Kip

My Operating Hours
Weekdays - 4:30-6ish EST
Weekends - At latest, 12. Earliest 9. Usually hops off around 3. I'll be on my phone though, so feel free to message me!!

Important Links
» Rep.tf [rep.tf]
» Steamrep [steamrep.com]

Some Trading Info
Hey! So if you couldn't tell I'm currently trading. My goal is to get an Amaranthine Well-Rounded Rifleman A bunch of my stuff is for sale, but you check my inventory prices and what's for sale and not for sale here [backpack.tf] . Feel free to make an offer on almost anything!
Please note I will not trade for the following: Anything with N&B, Orbiting Plantes, Aces, Massed Flies, Bubbling, Dead presidents, anything not TF2/Trading cards, Unusual Taunts due to their nature of price changes, and Unusual weapons (On most occasions)

Personal Stuff
If you've made it to this point, you're probably a pretty nice person!
Gender: Male
Status: In a relationship
Friends: Not a lot

My steam status
Online: Should respond kinda quickly.
Away: At school/work.
Offline: I should respond within the next 24 hours
Stuff I enjoy
» Trading
» Friends
» Fucking around with scammers
» Team Defense Fort 2
» My music playlist
» Vaporwave

Things I generally dislike
» Scammers
» Scunts
» The Unusual effects:
• Nuts and Bolts
• Aces High
• Terror-Watt
• Flies
• Purple Energy
• Bubbling
» Lenny Faces

Thank Yous
» Vinny, for being an awesome uncle.
» Bender, for being there for me on Discord.
» JagAss, for helping me with my few MvM Tours
» Lukiday, for being a cute lil kitty :3
» Cosmic Afro, for producing funny content on Youtube
» Tiffany, for helping me get settled at my knew school. (You know who you are, you nerd :p)
» s03g, for streaming in the middle of the fucking night >:\ (just kidding, phill)
» Alaxe, for making some of my favorite servers to hop on habited
» Franky, my best friend.
» Sammy, for being a goat.
» Tyler, for introducing me to PC Gaming.
» Shelton, for being a nerd >:D
Unusuals I have owned before. (Not in any particular Order)
» Terror-Watt Big Elfin deal (first unusual)
» Bubbling Robin
» Blizzardy Storm Scot Bonnet
» Aces Counterfiet Billycock
» Terrorwatt Tough Stuff Muffs
» Smoking Cowl
» I see you (72)
» Stormy Storm Glengarry Bonnet
» Stormy Storm Tough Guys Touqe
» Disco Beatdown Magnificent Mongolian
» Stormy Storm Your Worst Nightmare
» Terrorwatt Stovepipe
» Stormy Storm Front Runner
» Strange Stormy Storm Private Eye
» Stormy Storm Western Wear
Recommendations for wasting time
» Shows
• Breaking Bad
• The Simpsons
• The Office
» Games
• Fallout 4
• Skyrim
• Oblivion
• Fallout New Vegas
• COD 4
• The Sims 4
• TF2

Never forget.
All little stars have a reason. [open.spotify.com]

That's all folks!
You probably know enough about me to click that Add Friend button. Just add a comment or your invite will be IGNORED.

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::YuKnowIt:: Feb 20 @ 7:57am 
Added bc you're a cool guy ;D
Lord Pootis Feb 17 @ 8:41pm 
Ye fat stinky shpee main
::YuKnowIt:: Feb 7 @ 10:19am 
+rep I don't even need to trade with him to know that he's an awesome dude and someone you can trust :D
Cosmic Afro Feb 6 @ 4:36pm 
Thanks so much, Poot!
fdragon05 Jan 10 @ 3:48pm 
sup mate
Cosmic Afro Oct 29, 2017 @ 3:58pm 
Thanks Pootkip!