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Saltysally1: i just googled how much a blow job costs
Saltysally1: #yolo
Chubbs: well if you go to Amsterdam it cost about like 50 euros
Chubbs: for about 20m so
Saltysally1: 20 minute blow job
Saltysally1: also a yolo moment
Chubbs: well they blow you at first then you fcuk them kidna thing i think is how its works
Saltysally1: yeah
Saltysally1: if it takes you 20 minutes to bust a nut you must be older than father time.

Steven #meepopicker: yo
Steven #meepopicker: you should idk
Steven #meepopicker: get good at like highlander before you try 6's
Steven #meepopicker: just a thought
Steven #meepopicker has changed their name to Steven LFT.
(££) Midnitesite 'LFT 6s: you should get like
(££) Midnitesite 'LFT 6s: good at posting on teamfortress tv before you like
(££) Midnitesite 'LFT 6s: loook for a team
Steven LFT: xD
Steven LFT: touche
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dog Jul 26 @ 11:43pm 
Can't believe illuminati killed him, do y'all research. I don't believe in them bs conspiracy theories but when u watch the interviews, when he left jail back in 2011, & listen to his music (specifically recent album as well) it's hard 2 not believe they were involved. Way 2 many coincidences as well, I'll just state on of em. Him dying in vegas around the same time all eyez on me got released. Pac died in vegas as well.... Both fighting 2 expose the illuminati. It's a sad thing, wonder wat excuse is going 2 b used for the main media 2 follow smh Prodigy was always preaching about using ur 3rd eye. Society needs 2 wake up & idk how but that secret society bs is realer than u think😑Idek how I'm typing all this late @ night cuz it disturbs tf out of me but maybe some 1 that knows about this agrees 2 my shit💯
Oppebo Jul 15 @ 6:19pm 
It's COOL to be gay!
Post this on the wall of a homosexual friend and tell them how COOL they are
bobby_digital May 30 @ 2:54pm 
say what you will about hollywood stereotype inaccuracy but if I had a dollar for everytime i heard some wop wannabe thug talk about the mob in real life... they think they're the best race (that should be a hint right there that they're shit, 100% thoroughbred ITALIAN BABY), they are STUPID.. immensely stupid, they may have had science and mathematics on lock during the renaissance but they must've been eating paint chips since then because now the height of italian cultural achievement now is putting together a fuckin meatball grinder and pronouncing mozzarella like a fajit.... i don't really want to get started on italy the european country which is like a fashion show in a sewer or maybe an ashtray of humanity surrounded by breathtaking architecture. Anyway no offense, italians are welcome here as long as they keep their 100% THOROUGHBRED ITALIAN PRIDE under control
chrysanthemum May 21 @ 9:42pm 
wanna ask something
^6Cinna^7The^6Bunny May 4 @ 6:40am