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Right now this season pass gives you absolutely nothing for 40 euros. I sacrificed mine to warn you with this review.

This review will be updated with every DLC released to see how this price is justified.
Until the mark of 40 euro's is reached I won't recommend it.

What is included when you buy this:
- 500 Helix credits for MT's (5 EUR)
- legendary sword, unique item.
- Roman Centurion Pack (7 EUR)
Total value: 13 EUR.
Money saved: -27 EUR.

What isn't included when you buy this:
- Assassin's Creed Origins - Deluxe Pack (new mission with goodies) (10 EUR)
Total value: 10 EUR.

Purchase this once the first expansion has been released which will be in january 2018 with the name of "the hidden ones". Up until then you will be simply donating them money.
Posted October 31. Last edited November 20.
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You can pet cats.

Posted October 31. Last edited November 7.
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Finally something unique and original after decades. I feel like I am in the middle of a 80s cartoon but coloured when playing this. It reminds me of popeye and some classic games but, these oldies in this day and age with the current technology is what cuphead is. A true masterpiece.

Its a simple boss type platform shooter with unique mechanics. I absolutely love it especially the music and the animations. This is what a flawless game is supposed to be like. I haven't encountered bugs yet, but many veggies ;)
Posted September 30.
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Early Access Review
What started out as a great project with a lot promise got destroyed by 2 things:
- Devs
- Streamers

They have their focus on the wrong priorities. Right now the game is at a pretty good stage content wise, but stability wise it needs a lot improvements. This applies to server side and optimization.
They also tend to listen to a small bit of revenue called streamers, instead of the bigger audience. Banning people by using information they obtained through legitimate methods ISN'T what banning is supposed to be for. Sure this won't ever get read by them due to 170k+ of reviews but still I feel like voicing my opinion.

This paradise of special snowflakes is where the real issue is at. They pressure the devs and the devs fall for it. If you decide to blatantly put out all your information to the whole wide world then you are a FOOL. It is a battle royale. If you stream blur out your map or something if you really have to or put up a 5 minute delay, it ain't that hard.. unless you ofcourse lack a few braincells. So apart from this, due to all the ranting of these special snow flakes the devs decided on banning people that made use of watching streams (and those that didn't but still got a kill). Aparantly if you kill someone you can never be better than that person if it is a streamer so you get banned. They believe they are the best in the game and when they get killed they always think it's a stream sniper. I sure do hope the devs redeem themselves again, because fortnite is taking advantage of their stupid mistakes.

I am honestly♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥off that some of my mates that I used to play with got banned over no reason. Apparantly they were stream sniping DURING our lan-party... where each person had 1 monitor... with pubg full screen. As of now I don't recommend this game. You will get banned sooner or later because some special snowflake will think they are important enough for you to watch their streams and hunt them down. And this will get you banned even if you have never heard of them before, which so far has been the case for 99% of the bans.

Go look for a different battle royale until the devs get their priorities right.
Posted September 30.
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Early Access Review
This is a really interesting game. It is fast paced and very simple to get used to.
The controls exist of no more than WASD and arrow keys.
You simply spin around slashing your enemies.

The concept is really interesting and for the price it is a bargain even in early access.
There however isn't much content in game yet. It is ofcourse still in early access and does bring it's flaws with it. There are basically 2 maps and 2 game modes. There is a simple equipment upgrading system and that's it. But the games are really fun and can be difficult.

Gameplay wise as said, you spin around with your weapon to kill enemies. You eat food to grow big and you grab (or steal) loot to make yourself stronger with upgrades. The community isn't big compared to other arena type of games but it is a growing community. Especially at this stage it is very promising.

I have a high end system so I can't really talk about how it would run on a potato, but since the models are very simplistic I do think that low end systems can run this fine.

I think some visual footage is always the best to show how this game is, this is a tdm match.
This is a really interesting game. It is fast paced and very simple to get used to.
The controls exist of no more than WASD and arrow keys.
You simply spin around slashing your enemies.

Also do keep in mind that many "players" are bots, making them eventually predictive. I feel that the devs chose to do so in order to fill up the servers, which at this stage, is a really good move. I hope the community will grow big enough so that there won't be a need for the bots. Most players won't notice the bots, so don't worry about it, but it is worth mentioning.

I think some visual footage is always the best to show how this game is, this is a tdm match.

Overall my ratings for this game (I will re-rate once it enters a new stage or gets released):
Music: 6/10 - more songs would be appreciated
Audio: 9/10 - effects are good and fun, love the surround
Visuals: 8/10 - very simple and clean, art-style suits the concept pretty well
Gameplay: 7/10 - while it is fun it is still not too challenging
Content: 6/10 - for it's price it is sufficient, but overall maybe more maps/game modes would do the trick
User friendlyness: 9/10 - game is really easy to get used to, due to simple mechanics
Posted August 14. Last edited August 17.
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For me 5 bucks isn't a lot, for you it might be and for them it can be just the 5 bucks that they needed to publish another volume.

If you enjoyed the volume as well and wouldn't mind supporting a studio that is willing to deliver superb content for free then this is just the place you need to be.

Also, apart from supporting them you do actually get some nice extra's.
Posted June 20.
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So far I absolutely loved it!! It's only 21 minutes of content which exists of 3 mini episodes, so there isn't much to lose but plenty to explore.

Do you like scifi, action, thriller and some unique stuff? Give this a shot, free and only 21 minutes of time, absolutely worth it.

Besides that this is a masterpiece. The quality is superb. That goes both ways; audio and visual.
The story is pretty interesting and directed an interesting way. Since it's only volume 1 it can still go anywhere. But if volume 2 is at least this good I will buy some of their stuff just to support them. I probably won't ever touch it, but I feel miserable by not paying for something that is this good. I pre-ordered one man's lie, if I can support them I can and will definitely support groups that deliver QUALITY content.

Btw, this is in 60fps, so they understand that we don't like that cinematic 24.5fps eye crap.

Also I bought the DLC to support them. If you like this and you can afford to I highly suggest to get the DLC as well.
Posted June 20. Last edited June 20.
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Taro Yoko... a name that I will never forget and someone who's products I will always at least consider.

In merely roughly 30 hours I witnessed the uhmm, interactive credits (trying to spoil as little as I can). Right now I am going through the whole game for the second time, with full knowledge about the story and the world... this is one of the very few games that I will complete for 100% and I will enjoy every single bit of it.

So a few things you might've already heard or know from the first Nier game (haven't played it so can't compare it, but plenty of people that I know did). This game has multiple endings, from which plenty are for amusement but some aren't. Some users might experience issues with fullscreen mode and the game is locked at 60fps, whilest cutscenes are at 30. I am very used to keyboard and mouse controls, but if you aren't I do suggest a controller.

And that's it about the negative aspects from the game. They aren't exactly.. bad and most users won't mind them, neither did I actually. I will try to keep my review as much spoiler free as I can. The information you will find in here is pretty much common knowledge if you've googled this game at least once or looked through the community.

This game has a lot to offer. And each aspect is actually something that you will embrace... sooner or later.
Let's start out with the story of primarily 2B and 9S. Two androids that have to work together on a forsaken planet full of enemies and strangely enough plenty of nature. The story around those two is worked out extremely well as you will see and experience it from all perspectives. This causes the list of characters that you will get fond of to expand.

Whilest you are progressing through the story you will find some sub-quests to do. There aren't many compared to your average RPG, making this a lot more bearable and 100% worthy. Each sub-quest has it's own story. You don't need to finish it in order to understand the whole plot, but finishing them gives you a bit more information about the bigger picture. Making it required yet not. They don't take long to complete either, roughly said, most are just collecting resources. But it is worked out nicely.

There is a minimal upgrading system for weapons and skills in game. It isn't complex, works pretty well and will definitely enhance your experience. For example your characters makes use of chips. Each chip has its own perks. You can equip an x amount of those and upgrading a chip makes it stronger but reduces the amount of other chips you can equip.

The replayability in this game is really good. The first time you finish it, don't stop. You will be missing out on a lot. That is the one and only spoiler I will hand to you. You will be awarded with so much knowledge about the plot. You will look at things from another perspective, making things more interesting.

The story in this title is so rich that you almost think it can't get any better, but it does. The amazing soundtracks are one of a kind. I yet have to encounter a game that has a soundtrack so fitting to the game that I would enjoy it less by playing my own playlist on spotify. There are plenty of tracks that I just listened to, just standing at a not so crowded place in game to just enjoy the superb music. I've certainly wasted 1 hour doing this by now lmao. There is probably a total of 6 hours of music. And trust me, you will enjoy every minute of it. The genre really fits well with the environment, the scene and ofcourse the story.

So that brings us to the combat variations! There are plenty in game, a lot more than I expected to encounter and each of them is worked out extremely well. In the first 2 hours you will encounter all styles and it might be difficult in the beginning to get used to them in this combination, but you will appreciate the variaty. The classic hack and slash as shown in the trailers works a lot better than you'd guess. I'd say plenty of AAA titles could take an example from the combat system in here. Only Doom has a combat system as fluent as this. And I say this while having my fair share of combat games.

While at this point the review might be a bit hazy as I don't want to spoil the content as it is pretty easily spoiled am I willing to answer questions from people that are in doubt. It is worth buying and if you want the 100% it will take roughly 50 hours to do so. It will be enjoyable hours, otherwise if this game isn't your kind of thing you will notice it within the refund period of 2 hours.

If you are considering to buy it, buy it.
If you have doubts about the graphics, buy it.
If you need some relaxing music, buy it.
If you want to experience some great combat, but it.
If you want a story rich game, buy it.
If you want a complete game, buy it.
If you dislike the game, buy it, you will love it eventually anyway.

- SOME people have issues with the fullscreen mode and windowed mode as well as the fps cap being at 60 and cutscenes at 30.
In order to make up for this you get:
+ A complete game
+ RPG elements
+ Great combat system
+ Amazing soundtracks
+ Story rich game
+ Replayability like no other
+ Probably some wisdom for life itself once you make it far enough
Posted April 2. Last edited April 8.
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Early Access Review
This has better content that half the AAA games out there for 1/15th of their price tags.
Posted February 12. Last edited March 4.
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Game within a game award? This isn't going to be hard
Posted November 24, 2016.
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