[LuNo] Plague [OTB]
Ashley   Detroit, Michigan, United States
Hello, my name is Plague.

I am a newbie here but I really want to learn. That is one of the largest reasons why I joined TPF. The people here are super nice and don't yell at me when I do something wrong. Instead they kindly tell me what to do differently. Having people like these around me make me feel like I actually have the potential to learn. I take these tips and tricks from experienced TPF'ers to heart and try to do the best I can to apply these to my future gameplay. I also joined TPF because I have always striven to be the best I could be for my team and become better with the team in mind. After reading the TPF mission statement, I felt that being with people with this same goal would be greatly beneficial.

Right now I main medic so that I can see up close what others do and how they react different situations while playing a super significant and under-played class. I aim to eventually become more flexible with the other classes. I love playing medic because as stated before, I always try to have the team in mind. I also love feeling appreciated by others on the team. My ultimate goal is to never be that player slot that could have been better filled by that 4th unskilled and unnecessary sniper. I will always continue to work really hard to reach that goal and not to be a waste to my team.

When I was younger I always wanted to play sports for the same reasons why I love to play video games today. This, however, was limited by a minor condition I have called hypotonia, low muscle tone or most commonly called floppy baby syndrome. (not to be confused with low muscle mass and/or low muscle strength) I went through a lot of physical therapy to try and reduce the effects of this condition but I always felt like that spot that could be better filled by somebody else but was simply there due to pity. I hated this feeling so I mostly quit any and every sport I joined. Now that I understand better why I was so much worse at everything physical related, I want to be better at video games more now than ever. That is why video games are so important to me. I hope to become so good at this game someday that I will be able to join a highlander team but first I must learn the basics.

In the past, I mostly played only rpg's and party games with my two older brothers ever sense I was young. These games include but are not limited to pokemon, world of warcraft, hearthstone, portal, legend of zelda and super smash brothers. By now, I am already aware of the gaming world and the way that it functions but I was extremely nervious when entering the fps world. This was due to the foreignness of it compared to the other gamed I have played. The TPF group has helped me through teaching me and helping me get better.

I love this group and being part of it! I couldn't wish for anything better than this! TPF has changed my gaming experience forever and I aim to continue getting better for both myself and everybody I will play with. I know this was a lot to read but I want to really get to know the people of TPF and hopefully get the people of TPF to know me. I appreciate you listening to me as this was a great load to get off of my back. Thank you!

Remember; I am a medic, not a doctor. A doctor is someone who cures people; a medic just makes them feel better as they're dying

feel free to look at my stats at this location [teamplayfirst.com]

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Happy Birthday Plague!
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Happy Birthday, you most wonderful of epidemics! 10/10, would contract again!
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Have a Happy New Year and may you be blessed with wonderful fortune
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Merry Christmas! I'm probably late but screw it.
Schpoppin'™ Oct 13, 2016 @ 2:34pm 
you need medical help?
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-fakerep gave me the plague