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- Mann Co. Trading Server [MCT]
- I was #4 to reach Steam Level 100
- I am a former SourceOP Trusted Seller (till the group was disbanded)
- I am a SteamRep Community Admin [MCT]
- I have been a PayPal verified member since 2000.
- I have been a Voogru Community member since 2007.
- I was in the record setting YOWH #2 room #49659 in 2015.
- I have done thousands of trades.
- I pub-troll MVM in TF2 everyday (Join me!)

- My Steam join date is: October 26, 2007.
(Date may show as the 27th if you are in a diff timezone)
- My Profile will NEVER be private.
- My Profile will always show I am from the United States.
- I will never ask you to trade me an item first, and pay later.
- I am at epeen Level 123 on Steam. <--- Scammers will never be at this level
- I have over 27,000+ hours invested into TF2.
- I have 237+ badges on Steam.
- I have over 1003+ games on my account.
- Yes, it's 13 inches


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steamID32: STEAM_0:0:16743647
steamID64: 76561197993753022
64 Link:

+++ PINK TACO F.A.Q. +++
Q: Can you give me a free item?
A: Love for all, but asking me will get you blocked, so please go trade like the rest of the Steam Community does.

Q: Can I buy an Unusual for a few keys?
A: Not from me as I generally only have mid-high tier Unusuals.

Q: How do I start trading?
A: Go into some non-unusual trade servers to listen what/how people trade. Read what they are posting in chat, you'll learn a lot and be confident enough to get a feel for current pricing/trends on items to begin trading.

Q: Can you craft a random hat for me so it has your name on it?
A: Sure, if you provide 2 craft hats or 3 refined, plus 1 reclaimed for my time. Please be patient with me as I have a life/work/kids, so it may take a few times asking me when I get down times.

Q: Can you 'gift' my already gifted Unusual so it has your name on it?
A: Yes, I generally ask 10 keys for Unusuals to gift it, but as in everything, it's negotiable.

Q: Can you Middleman a trade?
A: Sorry, I do not middleman.

Q: Can you unban me or handle my appeal from your servers?
A: I do not handle this for Valve.

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Mann Co. Trading Website []

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GentleAim Oct 13 @ 2:48pm 
i have no idea what i'm doing here, i'm lost into the special steam accounts
[IF]▲ AlvachoXL▲ Oct 4 @ 6:32pm 
creo que alguien no tiene vida social xddd
Pie Oct 2 @ 7:45am 
get a life
Batbat is spooked Sep 24 @ 12:45pm 
You've spent 32% of your life playing tf2 since 2007. Thats dedication.
[Nep Residue] Hexate Sep 23 @ 8:24am 
I'm adding you to offer to buy your wings of purity
I can offer my copy of wings + some adds for you
8_Bit_Mike Sep 8 @ 5:09pm 
We made contact!