(503) Paals Bv
Sean   Oregon, United States
Current allegiences aren't to the truth. Instead the aim is to selectively hide inconvenient truths; truths that are deemed to be harmful should they ever be acknowledged.
-Sarah Haider

Competitive Experience
Starting Heavy for Chill Penguins (s19-s21)
Starting Heavy for Curse of Knowledge (s17)
Starting Something for Ban Paals (s15)
Starting Heavy for Quality Control (s14)
Starting Heavy for Murphy and ya bois (s12)
Starting Spy for Evil Beastly Squirrels (s9)
Starting Medic for Cats-R-Us CEVO Open S3 (3rd)

7:21 PM - metawe: all fungus
7:21 PM - metawe: are mushrooms in colloquial speech
7:22 PM - Paals: ok
7:22 PM - metawe: ok
7:22 PM - Paals: mister mushroom man
7:22 PM - Paals: you must be a fungi at parties
7:22 PM - metawe: kill yourself

12:00 AM - |Caustic| #dinklen3rd: go to sleep n3rd.
12:01 AM - eBs.Paals: i was nerd
12:01 AM - |Caustic| #dinklen3rd: ******n3rd
12:01 AM - |Caustic| #dinklen3rd: get it right.
12:01 AM - eBs.Paals: why the n3rd are you playing tf2
12:02 AM - eBs.Paals: at such a l8t h0ur
12:02 AM - |Caustic| #dinklen3rd: Our timezones are different correct?
12:02 AM - eBs.Paals: r u w3st c04s7?
12:02 AM - |Caustic| #dinklen3rd: y35
12:02 AM - |Caustic| #dinklen3rd: 175 0n1y m1dn1ght
12:02 AM - eBs.Paals: th3n w3 h4v3 th3 s4m3 t|m3z0n3
12:03 AM - |Caustic| #dinklen3rd: | 4m 4 |@t3 sl33p3r
12:03 AM - |Caustic| #dinklen3rd: n3rd
12:03 AM - |Caustic| #dinklen3rd: l337
12:03 AM - eBs.Paals: | l|73r4lly c4n'7 r34d th4t

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(503) Blue Yeti Bv
wowowo May 21 @ 11:56pm 
BabyRage BabyRage Why BabyRage Sub BabyRage When BabyRage Paals's BabyRage Emote BabyRage Is BabyRage Free BabyRage
aug May 7 @ 12:05am 
Hi, I am an albanian virus but because of poor technology in my country unfortunately I am not able to harm your computer. Please be so kind to delete one of your important files yourself and then forward me other users. Many thanks for your cooperation!
Best regards,
Albanian virus
brick May 4 @ 9:42pm 
have you heard that i carried Bv as soldier on cp_steel and I didn't even get a tryout?
Kara Zor-El Apr 13 @ 4:27pm 
-rep spitters are quitters. Swallowers are winners.