Aron Marczylo   Southampton, Southampton, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
A life-long gamer who is also a writer, reader, table-top RPGer and game designer-in-training (for the moment) who has a love for strategy and RPG games.

Newest projects are on my account if interested:

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I absolutely LOVE this pun. Plus it's cute.
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Why can you carry thousands of arrows and lockpicks, but struggle under the weight of some leaves and flowers? This mod reduces the weight of ingredients to 0.

Supports the English version of Skyrim only.
Created by - logopolis
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This game just amazes me. It's such a classic and the CGI, though dated by today's standard, is still impressive for the time it came out. It's an amazing point-and-click with a beautiful and flowing narrative.

I am amazed that it hasn't gotten more recognition over the years and not as well known as some of those classics like Monkey Island and Sam & Max.

My only real issue is that some parts are a little difficult, but the items glow if you have to use them on a certain object or person which can be a real life-saver. I also dislike the fact I had to disable the steam UI to have it work (though that was sometime ago and it might work ok now) so there aren't any chances to take screenshots to show friends some of the awesome scenes and enlightening words of wisdom that are often spoken in this game.

If you're a fan of point-and-click and you for some reason don't have this in your collection then I don't know why you havn't bought this yet. Especially for it's price and what you get.
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Created by - Caiburn
78 ratings
How to farm underground early and without danger.
Inspired by dwarven farming methods.
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