weeb repellent
give me free stuff pl0x   Singapore
Add me on battlenet:ouantro#1583(Americas region)
I'm also on origin:ouantro
My alt
Add me if:
-We are acquainted with one another in real life
-We have played together
-We have talked many times on other platforms or Steam community discussions
I like to clear my friends list around once a week.If we dont play or dont talk and I don't know you in real life or we haven't been friends for a long time,nigga u gonna get yo ass wiped c:

also it's pronounced
OOO-like what you say when you get a sick kill
ANT-yes the insect
ROE-like fish roe,like roll without the ll,u get it.
now combine and repeat
I've seen retards pronounce it as qwaantro and ouaantro, IT'S AS OBVIOUS AS IT GETS FFS NIGGER
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BoIBoi Ah
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boiboi ah
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how to lend skills that u dont have xdddddd
wtf this guy lent my tf2 skills as a demoman and pyro and unfriended me -rep
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