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Hi, I'm Chimi. I'm part of the TF2 Trading Post staff. I also made which is pretty neat!

Item verification is a SCAM!!!
There is no such thing as "item verification" or "item checking" !!!
Anyone coming to you saying you need to do anything like this is guaranteed to be a scammer! There are no "Steam admins" who get involved in trades either, and if you do what they say you WILL lose your items!!!

Please confirm who you are dealing with any time someone says they're an admin:

Don't trust any links in Steam or screenshots of anyones "reputation" or "certificates"

Scammers impersonate me all the time. Do your homework before trading with anybody! Don't become another scam victim! Double check that I've got 4,000+ hours of TF2, own 300+ games, and that I'm a member of "The New League of Extraordinary Admins" Steamgroup (below, to the right) and it has 44+ members, with "Mattie!" - currently Steam Level 125 - as one of the Group Admins. Thanks and Stay Safe!

I won't accept your friend request if your profile is private. I do not middle-man for trades.


I'm not able to help you if you've been scammed - sorry! Please file a SteamRep scammer report. Just sign-in at and follow the easy instructions. Then, report the scammer to Valve by clicking "More" and "Report Violation" on the scammer's Steam profile!

I'm listed on SteamRep as a Admin. I can only assist you with site issues and appeals. I don't volunteer anywhere else than - as such, I cannot help you with problems or issues related to Steam-services, or websites other than

Thank you!

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Chimi? More like 'crummy'
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Where have all the earbuds gone...long time passing...