Osh Vaughan
Hi I'm Osh and I am currently semi-retired but when I do get the chance or urge to play I am supporting The God Damn Sexy Gamers, I am also the Captain of the Manchester CSS Regions Cup team. I also help out with management of TwistedPlay, definatly the sexiest org out there!

My Special People

I've been playing this game for way to long now but over the years been some great mates i've met in the game the main ones that stick out

Adam[5] - Fuck what is the world coming to? A Scouser made it onto my steampage haha, what a little legend this guy is and always has been but since turning 18 he's really taken it to the next level. FLY!

Rain - Yes rain you finally made it! It's been along time coming but I feel your finally deserving of a place on my steam friends, after many erm intersting and amazing situations we've found ourselves in over the last 3 or so years!

bluef0x - This little nutter has all the potential in the world and hopefully I feel I've helped her achieve the beginnings of it over the time i've known her, she's definatly been something different which is good and she keeps me smiling so she's earnt this spot on my page!

Gaz,Crunch,Xiphrex - from the Lostsanity days my first serious clan love em all to pieces

Maarc - He's also a lostsanity boy, but he's been closer as we've some how managed to interlink with each other so well over the years, starting in Lostsanity then brief periods here and there before he finally joined up with me in TwistedPlay.

m1ke - this little nsync reject is the bane of my life! But after getting him so drunk he disapeared for a good 6 hours he worked his way into my heart and now he is one of my special people

D2K - This cock is a relatively new gaming friend compared to the rest, bumped into him at I33 and realised we were both studying in the same city, since then there have been many quality nights and look forward to moving in with him next year

Gomez - Pure legend really, love the fact he inspires people and is definatly a great guy. Don't think anyone has a bad word to say about him

Hobs/Phate/Crucified - The Ascension boys, Crucified may have had his downfalls, his much publicised ones but he was still a great guy gaming apart as well as Adz and Phate who I keep intouch with a lot

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Football Manager Touch 2018

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Happy New Year ^)
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Happy New Year
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Why aren't I on your page, dickface????????????
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Massive noob! -.-