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ner0x | 23 май в 16:05 
Added for your csgobackpack api
dab CSGO-CASE.COM 23 май в 5:48 
Added to talk about api
Fabian 17 май в 11:57 
the item prices on csgobackpack seem very low at the moment. is this a bug? For example a deagle blaze is listed as 55€, while it currently sells for 63-70€. maybe related to currency conversion?
SteveE * 17 май в 6:27 
added cuz of api
Avi Thour 14 май в 11:23 
I need help with your API, thanks.
caLy ★ Deѕιgner 13 май в 13:48 
Hey man need to talk to you i have something to give u/help u