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I make useful stuff for Unturned.
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My Unturned Related Projects:

Unturned Stats [unturnedstats.com]

Unturned stats & leaderboards. Currently tracking statistics for over 1,000,000 Unturned players.

Unturned Search [unturnedsearch.com]

Search & browse all items and vehicles in unturned with click to copy commands. (buy/sell/i/give).

More coming soon maybe

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Unturned Stats - 공개 그룹
Player statistics & ranked leaderboards for unturned
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I have spent so many hours shooting unarmed black guys.

11/10 best NYPD simulator...
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Hey guys scarce here
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Rebeneibeard 2017년 1월 22일 오후 5시 58분 
nice for you to do a shit ton for unturned
White Trash 2017년 1월 22일 오후 12시 00분 
kohai not opening rekt servers a day is a day closer to my death
oof 2017년 1월 22일 오전 11시 19분 
lies it's gone ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Alvern0x 2017년 1월 22일 오전 6시 46분 
praying for rekt servers everyday
Megumin 2017년 1월 22일 오전 6시 38분 
Very big nigger
Mrauksia 2017년 1월 22일 오전 3시 43분 
Whats the meaning of 69? (MLG)