I will destroy   Japan

       Eric Ericson: bad
       that's just, like, your opinion: you know what
       that's just, like, your opinion: im just gonna play touhou
       that's just, like, your opinion: without trying to gfet a good ending
       that's just, like, your opinion: haha
       Eric Ericson: woah
       Eric Ericson: he's gone rouge
       Cattys <3 : im gettin tired of that guy ericson

       ☮кσuнαi☮ : i hate mc vore
       Ericson : same but it makes for a good online funny

       jesseh : i dont have many friends
       ♥♥♥Chris♥♥♥ : ik you love cartoon horse like i did but you mic spam and stuff make me don't trust you .-.
       jesseh : i find it hard to make friends
       jesseh : pls

       Daniel : how do you get hard off blocky pixels
       enchant : how do you get hard off ponies

       Basilium : can we be pony mates together
       ♥♥♥Chris♥♥♥ : wat why

       Sad : Do that again and I'll be forced to call an admin
       Basilium : he said the thing!
       ワサビ : you will get bit
       jesseh : henry do u consider this admin abuse

       [S] JEail247 : i have never muted this much people before

       [S] khaledsalmona(Angel Medic) : BASILLIUM YOUR STUPID IT ISNT!
       [S] khaledsalmona(Angel Medic) : IT ISNT A GMT CULTURE
       Sad : Yes it is
       Basilium : yes it is
       Basilium : hi sad
       Sad : ^
       [S] khaledsalmona(Angel Medic) : NO IT ISNT
       Sad : hi

       purple hays : basilium you sound so much better muted
       Basilium : thank you for your much needed imput

       [VIP] Archaon Everchosen : Can l mute him?

       emerald18nr : I kind of wanna call for a vote to mute, but I also don't.
       BigStiffy : i'm not even sure what i'm hearing

       bucherlevi08 : sut up noob
       Ragnarök : SHUT UP KID
       [Lord] Ragnarök : stop cryng kid
       (TEAM) ndgangsta36 : basilium ban

       MaxTheHax_ : basil has mental disorder
       [HeadAdmin] DangehZoneD : bailium will ragequit now

       [HeadAdmin] DangehZoneD : le muted

       *DEAD* Definitely not Cammy : Welp you're client-muted too
       *DEAD* Definitely not Cammy : have fun
       *DEAD* Basilēum : that really hurts my feelings
       *DEAD* Basilēum : i will not sleep easy tonight

       *DEAD* Huitema : kys basiluem
       *DEAD* Basilēum : gladly

       conglaturat𝖎ons: imagine
       conglaturat𝖎ons: a ghost gf
       Basilēum: i cant imagine a real gf
       Basilēum: nevermind a ghost one

       *DEAD* MyTeacupSmellsAustralian : and youre all muted

       ☢Ɗreamy☢ : why is these guys so annoying?

       enchant: basil r u ok
       enchant: u dont seem ok
       Basileum: i just watched anime of course im not ok

       Captain Cean: the dark scum rises
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                                      why am I still here
       • Likes micspam
       • Been on many adventures
       • I am what you make of me
      DO NOT ADd Me if:
      1) your are a furry
      2) you are a 2hu
      3) you are smelly
      4) you are under level 20
      5) you are over level 40
      6) you like dragon maid
      7) you like being a cool epic dj using slam
      8) you have me muted on tf2
      9) you havent been on steam for at least 10 years
      10) you played metal gear solid 3 on the 3ds instead of the ps2
      11) you have played a visual novel before
      12) you watch anime
      13) you listen to that death grips band i keep hearing about
      14) you are a scum
      15) you are from the family of cardinal, sadperson and shreklock
      16) you are enchant
      17) you arent 500 lbs of pure muscle
      18) you are harvey stanfield
      19) you have read that weird homestuck comic
      20) you dont go bowling every two weeks
      21) you are gay
      22) you have said goodnight in a recent steam chat
      23) you are one of 'them'
      24) you are one of 'those'
      25) you are 'it'
      26) you have a dark and tragic past
      27) you have an account on a gaming fourm
      28) you play rotmg
      29) you played payday 2
      30) you play garrys mod
      31) you play d&d
      32) you are stuck in a time loop
      33) you think lenny face is funny
      34) you think that shrek is funny
      35) you are a brony
      36) you came from /pol/
      36) you came from reddit
      more rules to come when i craft more badges
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enchant Jul 22 @ 10:35am 
lite is a nigger
Jul 22 @ 8:02am 
Why is it every time I tip my fedora, I'm met with the scorn of the lovely maidens that are the subjects of my endearment? It's not like it's a bad fedora or anything, it's actually quite stylish and "with the times" as the ignorant sheep might say. With every tip of the fedora, however, I only receive nasty looks in response! Could it be my Yuno Gasai (love Yuno Gasai, such a beautiful woman ^_^) T-Shirt is causing them distress? Perhaps they think my waifu, who I also love dearly, is being cheated on by me! Such deceit. My mother told me that my fedora makes me look quite dashing, although I have some features that are even better, like my beard (which sometimes gets greasy from the sheer volume of ramen I eat!). These darn maidens have to realize the true nature of my intentions! I'm not just some douchebag like the rest. I'm a really nice guy. If only they could realize it...
enchant Jul 21 @ 4:11pm 
something about a gay squirrel
Basileum Jul 21 @ 3:36pm 
clearly a scary internet gang sign
Sad Jul 21 @ 3:32pm 
grantravo Jul 21 @ 3:26pm