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I am a big better guys
All in or nothing is my slogan, the only problem with that is that I cant stop in time because cs betting makes me a bit addicted unfortuenly:( rip alot of ca$h even though ive made more than i lost, the only problem is that ive never cashed out the money and just kept gambling :)( on my best betting times i got like a dragon lore (FN) in my betting invetory wich i find a bit sick because i only started whit a cyrex (MM) :) csgo roll could also have made me a lot of profit If i just would have cahsed out, ive fine from 0,34$ to like 50$ and 0,50$ to 30$ tree times, my best tip for making money on roulette is to bet "safe", just dont rush making a lot of money.. just go all in on bets were you are pretty sure about the result, be patience :) atm I dont got any betting skins because ive spent all my cash on food, but when I get some more money I will buy some skins and try to make som profit and cash out $$, set you goal and then sell your skins for profit once you reach your goal, always have a goal and good luck betting.. feel free to ask me for betting tips for free btw, I like to watch other people bet and make money! Ive been scammed many times before when I were young and dumb so ill help you get up after a big loss If you've been scammed and ill try my best<3
some info about my PC:
I am gaming on a MSI nightblade with a big computer screen were i capture the action;) I also got some nice computer and coding experience wich I only use for good reasons though..
good siktes to bet on is: skinjackpot, csgoroll, csgo500 just to grab some free money every day:) watch out If the adminis are on though, because when the log on you are most likely to loose one all your bets because they are rigged I think :( but ive made a lot of profit on thoose sites so they are a kind of legit though:/)
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