Welcome to my profile! ^_^ My avatar is a cropped version of the best fanart I have ever seen in my entire life. Full credits to Reivash, http://reivash.deviantart.com/art/Mercy-from-Overwatch-625366878

I have so far never been impersonated, thank god. But, better safe than sorry. What cannot be copied by an impersonator, is that I have the two only Harvest Angers in the world and have a collection of not F2P games that would probably be expensive if one were to want them just for the sake of faking being me.

Additionally, always take the steam id link, and past it in steamrep. Search for me in bp.tf (#80-ish in leaderboards) or Outpost, and go on the steamprofile: if it's written "add to your friendlist", it is not me you're currently talking to.
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These are my most valuable items, but certainly not the only ones up for trade. Check my profile son Outpost and backpack.tf to see everything!


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Hello there!

Hell yeah, no more "rules". Despite all the good reasons I had to implement those, I realize it may appear as extremely unwelcoming. Trading at my level is indeed a serious thing, but it does not justify being this strict and tough. It all comes from a game and a community in the first place, something I kind of forgot for a while.

So I'll keep it simple: be kind, do not lowball nor think you have anything to teach me in trading, and everything will be absolutely alright. Add me anytime you want and feel free to ask for advices (try to avoid the "how do I trade / make profit", those are far too broad). As you can see with the reps below, I do not bite. ^_^

I am super negotiable, especially for my most expensive hats. If you have solid arguments, I will listen to all of them. But expect me to retaliate with even more solid ones. :-)

On a side note, I often clean up my friendlist. Do not take it personal if you got removed: it just means we have concluded our deal and there was no immediate reasons to stay in touch. Feel free to re-add me if need be.

But hey, sometimes, it just so happens a few are just... too stupid. Inability to read, inability to take no for an answer, or simply being a spoiled kid, those are a few possible causes of hilarious moments. Or cringeworthy ones, depending on your mood. So for your personal enjoyment, fellow visitor, I will put, when I feel like it deserves a special place here, screenshots of particular gems that need to be shared to the world. What do you know, I will not be selfish for that.

1) http://imgur.com/a/fQcoI Because English is apparently not taught at school anymore. Mistaking "I declined an offer of 23 keys for you" for "I declined your offer of 23 keys", now that takes quite the commitment. But that's even more impressive, when the guy does that twice in a row, and calls me "idiot" in the process. The new generation is truly amusing sometimes.

2) http://imgur.com/rN2uqrN Brilliant. Absolutely briliant. Not. Apparently no one told the poor guy that the site is called backpack.tf, not bible.tf. "You use your own brain to price your own items, so you're scammer". Wait, maybe he's right. Maybe I got it all wrong during this whole time. Maybe I'm a scammer after all. This dude seriously makes me question myself.

3) http://imgur.com/IsuesIw Well, let's continue into the "backpack.tf is life". I mean, this guy actually believed his knife was worth 18 keys. It's worth 2. Poor soul. Doesn't even realize he calls someone with a 150 times bigger backpack stupid. This conversation is the very definition of irony.

4) http://imgur.com/00vJAbd "I am 13 and life is rude to me" is back! You will absolutely shed a tear after reading what he has to say. Life is cruel, isn't it. Maybe more to the stupid ones out there though. You gotta reckon he's been pretty accurate about himself without knowing it in the very last sentences, kudos to him for that.

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