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1:45 AM - The Defiler : You go from normal human then like 2weeks later you're a weeb now you're a walking talking meme

Hit me up with a comment when you add me, and if I don't respond right away it's probably because I'm doing something more important than worrying about videogames.

Antlers#11804 if you want to cheat on tf2 with me in OW, Antlerssux for Titanfall

trade offer

sherwoodfan: ferme ta gueule sale allemand

antlers: it's up to personal discretion really
zaboomafoo: ill personally discrete you
zaboomafoo: BOOM
zaboomafoo: roasted
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please be nice i main pyro Aug 9 @ 12:06am 
Snapple Aug 1 @ 4:17pm 
fuck that guy below me message me before him
A Flying Potato Aug 1 @ 4:00pm 
When u get back message me ASAP!!
2OG Busy atm Jul 21 @ 9:51pm 
added to trade.
hi, i really like your frag videos :- )
mind if i add u and u can sign my liberty launcher? are u a girl too? haha :D
i give up. Jul 16 @ 11:40am 
u edgy asf now lol