Peter   Joensuu, Eastern Finland, Finland
Calls himself a vivid HL2 fan despite never playing the episodes. Loves Combine Turrets and wants one in his bedroom. Also likes Team Fortress 2 and sometimes plays around in Hammer. If he can be arsed.

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The two favourite games
Team Fortress 2 with 3100+ hours:

Incredibly diverse and fun, even if alone on Casual. From either relaxing and using a gimmick loadout or playing Medic on a losing team and then turning the tide, are both experiences unmatched. And the communities, even if sparce, are a blast to spend time in. Worth the 3000 hours.

Half-Life 2, with 30 hours:

Probably the best singleplayer FPS adventure I've ever played. All of the game's atmosphere, story and tools to kick Combine ass, blew my mind on my first playthrough. Even though it didn't hold much of a torch to the original HL1 and it's storytelling, it's still the better game in my eyes.

Wordpad, with ??? hours:

Jesus christ man, this game lifts my grades like they're 5 kg weights to a professional gymnast. Excellent gameplay, story is deep and well paced- at least I hope so. Best bundle game of all time. Always recommend, worth the price, 10/10. Would play again.

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Sorry there's a tradehold on my account for the time being.. and I'm trading it for a more expensive one as apart of an offer
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forgot to check if the unusual you sent me was duped, and it wasnt (as far as I know)
wew anyway good trader thanks +rep, +rep
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Sorry pingas, I'll remember you this time :(