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READ THIS: My inventory is NOT for sale. Don't even ask... Unless you're willing to part with a Golden Pan. :3

You want to know more? Alright.
This account used to go under the name of [T][F][A] Haruningster, which is the artist name of Dorothy J. Hwee, my sister. The person playing (especially since we got another account now) would be me; Raymond C. Hwee, the brother. We're huge fans of TF2, as well as a fair number of other game series, including Metal Gear Solid, various Nintendo franchises, Kingdom Hearts, so on and so forth. There's tons of games we love, particularly old school ones.

I mostly get on to Steam just for TF2 because I'm a diehard fan. I'm an all-rounder for the most part, but my sniping really sucks. Used to main roamer Soldier, but not spending time maintaining airshot skills and in MGE has really taken a toll. However, since I've wasted a few thousand hours of my life on this game since it was released in 2007, I say I have pretty decent game-sense, and currently, I'm trying to improve on my Medic.
I'm also a teacher in Jump Academy, although there's a lot for me to improve on. Ask for help at your own risk, but I expect you to be a willing student, and to be able to listen.

Currently studying for a BSc. for Chemical Engineering in TUM Asia, but I still play a lot more than I ought to.

Anyways, My sis is a digital artist, feel free to check out her stuff and leave a comment, yeah? She also has a DeviantArt aside from the link here, but a lot of that stuff is ridiculously outdated.

Right, this wall of text is becoming unbearably long. Cheers, and peace out.

P.S.: I frequently change names as and when the mood strikes me, but the default name I would normally go by is Ahn't May.

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