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ℳerry ℭhristmas & ℋappy 2015 and ℋappy ℋolidays
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Twilight didn’t do what she was about to do that often, but when she did she always enjoyed it. She took one final glance around the room, as if to make sure she was alone, and then laid down flat on the bed. Her breathing was silent as she began to gently rub her upper body. She closed her eyes and smiled easily with excitement. She began to slowly rub lower and lower until she was right on top of her stomach, her hoof gently running over her ticklish spot. This really excited her, and she could begin to feel herself moistening up.

She moved a little lower until she was right on top of her breasts. Now, she began to blush and smile even wider as she slowly and gently moved her hoof over them. She rubbed her breasts for a few more seconds, and then she moved a little lower; her hoof now sat directly on top of her moist, aroused pussy. She blushed as her hoof touched her lips and moved all around, stopping only to play with her clit for a few moments.